The Summoner Series

the novice          inquisition

Look at these two covers!  Are they not awesome!  You just know that the book inside will be an exciting one. I love it when I just stumble upon a book and end up loving it, which is exactly what happened with these two books.  I was immediately engrossed by the world that Taran Matharu has created here.  In Hominum, magic is used only by the Summoners who use demons to channel the magic. Very few have these powers.  Fletcher, the hero of the story, is one of them.  One day a traveling soldier gives Fletcher a book that contains a summoning scroll.  He chants the spell thinking nothing will happen, but a demon appears, a demon called a salamander.  It looks like a dragon and even breathes fire.  Things start happening quickly after Fletcher summons the demon, he is accused of a crime and has to run away from his home.  He eventually finds himself admitted to the Summoners training academy Vocans, where he makes new friends and some enemies.  He learns how to control his demon and his magic and has hopes to become a Battlemage.  His story continues in the second book where he is sent into the heart of Orcdom to save another Battlemage and destroy a new weapon that the Orcs have created. There will be a third book, which will come out next year.  It will be a long wait.  There are also two short stories that go with this series, that you can get for free from ibooks and Amazon.

The story behinds these books is also very interesting.  The author, Taran Matharu started writing an publishing the books on Wattpad.  He had so many readers that eventually he was noticed by some agents who then had an auction for the rights to his books.  You can read about Taran and his success using Wattpad here:



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