Audio Friday

A Study In Charlotte By  Brittany Cavallaro

Performed by Graham Halsted and Julia Whelan

There have been a few book published lately based on the characters from the  Sherlock Holmes stories.  Some have been very good and others I’ve wondered why they used the names when the story would have been just as good with without them.  I love the original Sherlock stories and for the most part I have liked the movies and TV shows (I just love the current BBC show) and it is very obvious to me that the author of this story loves them too.

a study in charlotte

 There are little hints and references to many of the old movies and the current ones that if you aren’t up on your Holmes trivia, you may not catch, but they were fun for me.  This story is set in modern times and the characters are the descendants of Holmes and Watson, who in this world were real not fictional.  Jamie Watson has transferred to a boarding school in Connecticut were Charlotte Holmes has been attending for a year.  A murder happens on Campus and the two team up to solve it.  There are many plot twists and turns and the murders and attempted murders are copycats of original Homes stories.  The performers are excellent and do a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat.  This was a hard one to put down folks.  This is the first in a planned trilogy, and I am very much looking forward to the next one. The author’s website, linked under the cover, has a great video about the book.

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