The Darkest Corners By Kara Thomas

This was another one of those books that I had a really hard time putting down.  I just love a dark psychological thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat until the end.  This one also has a huge twist at the end that I really didn’t expect and shows just how deeply

Kara Thomas

disturbed the killer was.  Basically the story is about two girls who were bast friends when they were little.  Callie’s cousin was babysitting one summer night when the girls were 8.  She was killed that night by a serial killer.  The girls tell the story that they saw someone in the yard earlier that night and accuse someone who earlier that day made some nasty comments to the girls as they left the pool.  After the trial , Tessa’s moves to Florida to live with her grandmother.  It is now 10 years later and Tessa returns to town to say goodbye to her dying father.  Tessa is staying with Callie’s family and lots of old feelings and guilt about what they did start to surface, and Tessa decides to find out once and for all what really happened the night Callie’s cousin is killed.  Callie reluctantly helps her and what follows is an unbelievable trail of lies and deceits not only by the girls but also Tessa’s mother and sister.  If you enjoy mysteries and thrillers this is definitely the book for you. The author has set up a page on her website with videos and newspaper articles about the serial killer which tie into the book.  I highly recommend checking that out as you read the book, or even before. The website is linked under the book cover, which is awesome by the way.  Enjoy!

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