The Amateurs #2

Follow Me by Sara Shepard

Summary from Netgalley:

Follow MeIt was the perfect night for a party.
That is, until twenty-one-year-old Chelsea Dawson disappeared. The social media star was last seen enjoying a beautiful summer night at the Jersey Shore with her friends. But after an explosive fight with her ex-boyfriend, she vanished without a trace.
When Seneca, Maddox, Aerin, and Madison hear about the suspected kidnapping, they notice a jarring detail about the victim: she looks exactly like Aerin’s sister, Helena, who was killed five years earlier. Seneca is convinced she knows who killed Helena, and she can’t shake the feeling that the same person has taken Chelsea.
Desperate for answers about the two girls, and the truth behind her mother’s murder, Seneca will stop at nothing to find out if the cases are linked. So when Maddox receives an invitation to the Shore from none other than their primary suspect, the Amateurs begin an intense new investigation. 


ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

This book is slightly better than the first, with a faster pace and a more interesting plot. The Amateurs are still bungling their way through an investigation, being easily misled by the person they are looking for.  But in some ways I think it makes this series more authentic.  Remember these are just kids, and they will make mistakes. In that way this is a refreshing take on the thriller genre. 

The other thing that I liked about this book is that we get chapters from the serial killers point of view.  We know by the end of book one, who has been committing all of the murders, but it was interesting to see things from his, albeit twisted, point of view.   He really seems to have it out for both Seneca and Aerin, and it will be interesting to see how things play out between them in the next book.

I still find Seneca and Aerin rather frustrating.  They are both paralyzed with fear most of the time, thinking about what happened to either Seneca’s mom or Aerin’s sister.  This fear makes them come to the wrong conclusions about the clues or trips them up when things become rather threatening.  Still, I do root for them.  I am beginning to like Maddox a bit more than I did in the first book.  He is growing on me.  He doesn’t seem capable of figuring out many of the clues, but he is moral support and I guess muscle for the group.  The growing relationship between him and Seneca is sweet.  I’m not sure why Madison is even in this book.  She doesn’t contribute much to the solving of the clues, nor do we see things from her perspective (at least not that I can recall).  I like her, just not sure what her roll is.

The plot this time around was a little more interesting, especially as we can see what the ‘killer’ is up to some of the time.  There are lots of red herrings and plot twists that make it an interesting read, although again the lack of awareness and the group’s inability to see the forrest for the trees is staggering sometimes.  They actually hang out with the ‘killer’ in disguise and don’t even realize it, although they all state that they could recognize him even if he was disguised.  

Overall a very realistic look at a group of kids who are trying unsuccessfully to trap a serial killer.  I’ve enjoyed watching them stumble over the clues, and finding their way into the final trap he has set for them. 


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