Diabolic #3

Please be aware that this review is for a third book in a series. There will be no spoilers for this book but there may be some spoilers for the first two books. If you would like to see my reviews for the fist two books, please click on the titles below.

The Diabolic

The Empress

The Nemesis by S. J. Kincaid

Publication date: August 25, 2020

Summary by NetGalley:

In the heart-pounding conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Diabolic series, the Empire teeters on the edge of destruction as rumors spread that Nemesis is still alive.

Three years ago, Tyrus Domitrian shocked the galaxy by killing the woman he swore to love forever. The woman for whom he upended the Empire. The woman with whom he wanted to build a new and brighter future.

Now, the once-idealistic heir apparent has become the cruel Emperor Tyrus, wielding his authority with an iron fist, capable of destroying planets with a single word, controlling all technology with a simple thought. He has bent the Grandiloquy to their knees, and none has the power to stand against him.

But there is a muttering among the Excess. They say that Nemesis is not truly gone. They whisper of her shadow spotted in distant star systems. They say that Nemesis lives. That she will rise, and rally the people to topple the man who was once her truest love—and is now her fiercest enemy.

ARC provided by Simon and Schuster via NetGalley for an honest review.


The three years we had to wait for this book was so worth it! This book was everything I ever wanted in a series finale and then some. Such emotional turmoil, through out the book and the series. If you have yet to read this amazing series, you really need to get to it, you won’t be disappointed.

I went into this final book, totally prepared for the worst as far as Nemesis and Tyrus were concerned. And there were times when it looked like the worst was going to be the way it went down, but wait, turn the next page to have your expectations changed and your hopes revived only to have them dashed once again. So many twists and turns and heart wrenching moments along with anger and depression for all of the things that these characters go through to get to the end. I could barely stand it.

Both Nemesis and Tyrus continue to develop as characters. Nemesis continues to come to the realization that she really is more than a Diabolic, and perhaps she really has a soul or whatever it takes to make someone human. Then there was Tyrus, who continued to amaze me with how he can manipulate people and situations to his desires and purpose. I just wish he had been more honest with Nemesis.

Neveni and Anguish have a lot more page time in this book and I just loved it. Anguish and Nemesis bond like siblings and are so supportive of each other that it just about broke my heart. Neveni continues to be the enemy that you love, who eventually becomes a close friend even when you are wanting to hate her for what she is doing.

I don’t want to say much about the plot, because I really don’t want to spoil anything for you, but just know that there are so many twists and unexpected consequences that it will keep you turning those pages. I loved the world that the author created here, sort of an Ancient Rome set in space. But the science part of the story is always there. You always know that this takes place in another galaxy, and on space ships even when what is happening feels like you are in the coliseum watching gladiators. The ending was absolutely beautiful and perfect, even though the science might have been a bit tricky and I am not really sure it works that way.

This final book in the series was maybe the best of the three, which is not something I say often. While I enjoyed the first two, this one was certainly my favorite. This is a series I will read again, just because there is so much going on with the plot and the characters, that I am sure there were things I missed. If you enjoy science fiction this is a must read.

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