August 2020 Wrap-up

August was an interesting reading month for me. I reread two series in preparation for their final books which were coming out soon. I also read seven of the eight ARC’s that I needed to get read this month that are coming out in September. Many of these books were long too! In total I read or listened to 17 books.

Instead of listing the books in the order that I read them, I grouped them according to how they went together.

Full series I read

This was such an amazing series. I was so glad that I took the time to reread it. I had forgotten so much from the first two books that I may have felt a little lost in the last one. Such a wonderful world and characters. So sad to see it end. I listened to the first two as audiobooks. They were good. The reader, Saskia Maarleveld does a great job. I really like her voice.

I really needed to reread the first two books for this series, as there was a three year wait for the final book. But the wait was totally worth it. Best ending I have ever read in a series. I listened to the first two as audiobooks which were excellent. Candace Thaxton does an excellent job narrating Nemesis’s voice. I noticed subtle changes in her voice as Nemesis became more and more human.

ARCs I read

All of these were ARC’s I received from NetGalley. You can see my reviews for these books by clicking on the purple link at the bottom of the cover.

Well Played was a fun romantic read. It is the second in a series with a Renaissance Fair as the setting or at least the setting for the couple to become involved.

Even If We Break was a little bit of a disappointment. It just needed more cohesion and a better explanation for why the killer did what they did.

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London was my favorite ARC this month. I just loved it and really hope we get more books with this fascinating group of people.

Middle Grade ARCs I read

These are the middle grade ARCs I received from NetGalley for review. They were all amazing and ones I recommend.

Tune It Out was a great story about a young girl with a sensory processing disorder. Very well done.

Hatch was the second in a trilogy about a very interesting alien invasion. Had quite the cliff hanger at the end so can’t wait for the next one.

A Wolf for a Spell was a very sweet Baba Yaga story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Three very strong female narrators. It was suppose to come out in September but has now been moved up to December.

Library Books

Palace of Silver was the last book in the Nissera Chronicles. All of these books have been excellent and ones I would recommend you read.

Crave was such a fun book full of vampires and dragons! The romance was a bit much, but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read the next one which comes out September 29th.

Flamebringer was the final book in the Heartstone trilogy. I really wish that I had reread the first two before reading this one, but alas I did not. Even though I enjoyed it, I was a tad lost in the plot because I couldn’t remember enough of the first two books.

Strange Birds was a great middle grade book about girl power, standing up for what you believe in and friendship. I’m really hoping this will be a series. The audiobook was excellent, narrated by Rebecca Soler, who is one of my favorite female narrators.

Knock Three Times is the third book in the Wizards of Once series. This was also an audiobook with David Tennant who is one of the best narrators out there. He does great voices and there are lots of sound effects throughout the story and the songs are sung with music! I loved it. However listening to the story means not seeing the wonderful illustrations in the book. So you can’t go wrong with either format.

September is usually my lowest reading month as I get used to being back a school and adjusting my schedule. This year is probably going to be even worse than normal as I try to navigate what virtual library lessons look like. Yeah Me!

I hope your August reading was just a good as mine! What was your favorite book last month?


  1. Looks like you had a great reading month! I really hope to read Queen of Volts very soon! My copy still hasn’t arrived though..


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