January 2021 New Releases

Thank god this year is almost over. Time to start looking forward to all of the great new books coming out in this bright new year! Hopefully you will find something to get you excited about in this list.

Hold Back the Tide is probably my most anticipated read next month. I can’t wait to go out next week and buy it. (Ignore Goodreads publication date of March, it really is January 5th at least in the US.)

The House on Vesper Sands is a new one to us in the US. I guess it has been out for a couple of years in Great Britain, but it sounds so good!

Winterkeep is another one I am looking forward to. I can’t decide if I need or want to reread the other books in the series. All of them were almost stand alone books anyways, but they were all so good too.

Remote Control is probably the shortest book here, but sounds so good! I have not read anything by this author, but have heard really good things about her books.

Don’t Tell a Soul sounds creepy as hell, but something I could really get into.

I ran across The Charmed Wife just recently and immediately was intrigued. Cinderella wants to kill Prince Charming after 15 years of marriage. I guess happily ever after doesn’t last.

Shiver is another locked room mystery during a snowstorm. Can’t wait to see who survives!

Cast in Firelight is another one that just caught my eye recently. It sounds like an interesting twist on the enemies to lovers trope.

Bookish Boyfriends: Get A Clue is the fourth book in this fun slightly magical book for younger teens. I have read two of these books and enjoyed them immensely. Somehow I missed that there was a third, but I hope to read that one and this one soon.

This will be Funny Someday sounds like it will be hilarious. I really like the cover too, which was what made me take notice of it.

January 19th is the popular release day this month! Well I hope you found something in my list that intrigued you enough to add it to your own TBR.

What new release are you looking forward to in January?


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