Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2021

May seemed both really long and really short. Not entirely sure why I feel that way, but the good news is that I had another record breaking reading month! I read 18 books this month, which is a lot for me. And even better, most of them were really, really good!

Well, enough chit chat, let’s get to the books. I have listed them in the order that I read them.

Kings of the Wyld was very amusing and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I might have enjoyed it more if I was more of a music fan, but I did catch some of the jokes. I hope to read the next book sometime this summer.

Donuts and Other Proclamations of Love was just wonderful and full of love and food! This was a really well done quiet romance that really focused on family and following your dreams.

Hairpin Bridge was so twisty and and so well done. You really didn’t know who to trust was telling the truth even at the end. Another one that was about families too, although very dysfunctional ones.

Rule of Wolves was also good, although a little slow and long. I did enjoy the story although not totally sure I liked the ending? Looking forward to the next one in the series though.

Shouting at the Rain was a middle school book I needed to read for work. A very lovely story about grief and anger and yet hopeful that life will always work out in the end.

There isn’t a cover for the Forward Collection, so I used the one from the first story, Arc. This was a very interesting short story collection by a lot of well known science fiction writers. All of the stories were good, but some were also very weird.

The Box in the Woods was a lot of fun, bit also creepy and will definitely keep me away from the woods for awhile. Nice little mystery that was hard to figure out until the end.

Other Words for Home was another middle grade that was quite good. I usually don’t like books in verse, but this one read more like prose so it was better than I expected.

Once I stopped listening to Uprooted and moved to a print version I ended up liking this one quite a bit. But another one that is making me leery of forests and evil trees.

Slough House was really really good, and one that was very hard to put down. The next one is coming out next year, and it will be a long wait, considering that ending on this one.

The Block also had a major cliff hanger that will keep me anxiously waiting for the next one. This series is not for the faint at heart as there are some pretty gruesome scenes but some interesting things going on as well.

That Weekend was another great twisty tale. I had pretty much figured out most of it except for the why of the whole story. That turned out to be a complete surprise!

Cemetery Boys wasn’t quite what I was expecting, and dragged a bit in the middle, but I still liked it. A faster pace and bit more action would have helped. The ending was also a little too fairytale like for my taste.

Defekt was a fun little book. A little bit weird, but I like weird every now and then. I liked the monsters that were created from the Ikea like furnishing too, especially the carnivorous toilet!

Six Crimson Cranes was perhaps my favorite read of the month, although all of the ARC’s I read this month were excellent. Plus, isn’t that the most amazing cover ever?

I really enjoyed The Paper Magician, with it’s very interesting magical system and then the characters were a lot of fun too. I have started the second book and am really enjoying that one too.

Here and Now and Then was also very good and I really enjoyed the time travel paradoxes. It was also nice to see a father giving his all to save his daughter.

Mexican Gothic was interesting, but again a bit slow to start and then the middle was kind of boring. It didn’t really get interesting until the last 100 pages or so. Still a good read.

That was a lot of books to talk about. I almost forgot what some of them were about from the start of the month. I just hope this months reads will be just as good as May was.

What was your favorite book from May?

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