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  1. 2018 in Numbers


    December 27, 2018 by elnadesbookchat

    Greetings! I thought I would start off my yearly wrap up posts with just some general statistics of what my …
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  2. Monthly Wrap Up-November


    November 30, 2018 by elnadesbookchat

    November was a slow reading month for me, I think mostly because I read several books that were over 500 …
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  3. October Wrap-up


    October 31, 2018 by elnadesbookchat

    Happy Halloween! I am having a hard time believing that October is over.  This fall has been moving fast and …
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  4. September Monthly Wrap-Up


    September 30, 2018 by elnadesbookchat

    September was kind of crazy month.  My school schedule is very different this year and I have been having a …
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  5. August Wrap-Up


    August 31, 2018 by elnadesbookchat

    I can’t believe that August is over.  The month just flew by.  Summer isn’t over yet. September is usually one …
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