My January 2022 TBR

Two more days until the new year and it feels really odd this year. I am very much hoping that things will get closer to normal in 2022, or as normal as they can be. I am looking forward to some really good books being released in the first half of the year and I hope some that have been put off will finally come out. Here is to a wonderful new year full of shiny and beautiful new books.

ARC’s I need to read.

A Game of Fear is the 24th book in the Ian Rutledge series. Thank goodness these work pretty well as stand alones. I have read many of these books but not all. I still really enjoy them though.

The Paris Apartment is another mystery thriller that I am looking forward to reading. It sounds a bit like the show Only Murders in the Building, which I really enjoyed.

Once I finish the first two, I will be done with my February ARC’s that I have been approved for. So I will then start on my March ones and up first is of course Gallant. I can’t wait to dive into this one.

I have requested approval for League of Liars, and I am still waiting. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get it. This sounds really good and I just love that cover! This one comes out in late February.

What else will I read?

I really wanted to read The Witch’s Heart last month, but alas it was not meant to be. I need to get it done soon though as it needs to go back to the library.

The Righteous is the third and final book in the Beautiful series. Hopefully I remember enough of the first two books that I won’t be to lost in this one.

The Butterfly House is the second in a series that has been translated, but it looks like they skipped a book so it is really the third in the series. I’m not sure why the second book was skipped, but hopefully it won’t matter. I picked this one up at a bookstore on a whim and didn’t realize it was a series.

And of course my list can not be complete without at least one Harry Dresden book. I’m still waiting for my hold on the audiobook Small Favor, and am hoping it will come soon.

Lots of good books to read this month, and I am really looking forward to them all. Of course I will probably read more than 8 books in January, but this is a good start and a way to focus at least some of my reading.

What book or books are you most excited to read in January?


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