T5W- SFF Favorites in Other Media

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is: Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy in other media.  I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with.  I am always looking for new TV shows to watch.  I like movies too, but not as much lately.  I am finding myself getting totally immersed in TV shows, which you can’t really do with a two hour movie.  So, all of my favorites right now are TV shows.  I am very behind on a couple of them.  I think their current seasons are out, but I haven’t any of them yet.  I decided it was easier to wait until they are done with the season and then I can just binge watch for a few days if I want.  

Here we go my Top 5 SFF in other media!

1. iZombie

izombieThis is a new one I just discovered.  The first three seasons are on Netflix, with the fourth currently airing on the CW.  It is based on a comic, about a young woman named Liv, who is a zombie that helps solve crimes by eating the brains of murder victims.  It is hilarious, especially with all the different ways she comes up with to eat the brains.  Kale brain smoothie anyone or perhaps brain sushi?  The premise is totally silly, but it is a hell of a good time.  This last season has gotten a little bit more ridiculous, they have walled off Seattle after pretty much everyone has gone zombie, but I will probably continue to watch as I have become invested in the characters and what happens to them. 

2. The Shannara Chronicles

The-Shannara-ChroniclesI don’t think this one is as well known.  It started off  with the first season being on MTV of all places but this year it was on Spike.  The second season wasn’t quite as good as the first, but I think that had more to do with the changes in the cast than in the story itself.  It is based on the books by Terry Brooks, which I don’t think I have ever read.  The setting is way way way in the future, where there are humans, elves, dwarves and others that are all waring among themselves.  It is mostly centered around Will, who is the last Shannara and a half elf, and his quest to save the world.  There is a lot more to the plot, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.  The seasons are not long so it is an easy one to binge watch some weekend.  There may not be a third season, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is. The second season ended with a cliff hanger, Yikes!  Spike has cancelled it but they are trying to get picked up by another network.  I am going to think positive for now that they will find a permanent home. 

3.  Mr. Robot

mrrobotcoverThis one is pretty well known, the first season won many awards, but I think it’s popularity might have waned since then.  I still haven’t watched the newest season yet.  I decided to rewatch the first two, and then never got to the third.  I will soon.  This one is pretty gritty and dark.  It is about Elliot, a young programmer by day and a hacker by night.  He gets involved with a group that wants to destroy E CORP, the largest corporation in the world.  He is drawn in by a man wearing a jacket that says Mr. Robot.  It is very well acted and the script and story are amazing.  There are some disturbing scenes and some pretty deranged characters, but it keeps you wanting to come back for more.

4. Kill Joys

KilljoysBounty hunters in space, what could be better?  Actually the first two seasons were great and then it started to get a little weird, but I still like it.  I think the next season, number 5, will be the last from what I hear.  You can find it both on Netflix and on the SYFY channel.  Basically it is the story of a group of bounty hunters/assassins who go around the planets collecting people for their company/government.  They party hard after working hard.  There is a past to all of them that they don’t know, or at least not the whole story, or admit to.  It is a fun show to watch if you are into somewhat cheesy science fiction.  Dutch is a pretty badass heroine who is no match to the brother duo that are her crew and companions.  Lots of high tech gadgets and a sentient computer program that runs the ship, makes for some good all around sci-fi fun. 

5. American Gods

American-GodsThis has only had one season, but they did such a good job capturing the book that I had to include it in this list.  I’m not sure when season 2 is going to happen, but I hope that they get it done soon.  You can watch this on STARZ or on Amazon if you have their STARZ channel add on.  It is based on the Neil Gaiman book by the same name.  It looks like they consulted with Neil on the project as well, there are interviews with him, which makes me think that they are getting it right.  I read the book eons ago, but I have some good memories of it.  As I watched the show, there were things that made me go, oh yeah, now I remember.  They are embellishing some of the characters, like Shadow’s wife, but they are keeping the the world that Neil envisioned so I am ok with that.  If you know nothing about the book, it is basically about how Gods from other cultures came to America and how their strength is based on how much they are still worshiped.  They are in a war with the new gods. Shadow, who is the main character, spends most of the book and show not having a clue that he is surrounded by gods, which makes for an interesting story.  Even if you haven’t read the book this is still a very interesting and well done show.  


This was a bit harder to just decide on five shows.  I would also like to give a shout out to The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, Stranger Things on Netflix and The Magicians on SYFY.  These are also all excellent SFF shows.  I decided to go for some shows that maybe were a little lesser known.  

As always check out the Goodreads Group T5W to see what others have come up with.  I might be skipping next weeks topic.  Right now I’m struggling with coming up with answers for it.  But we will see.  Leave a comment and let me know what you have been watching lately.  


    1. It is a little weird, and very dark for the most part. But so good. I find it hard to watch week to week, binge watching in small doses is the better way to handle it, so you have time to absorb, but not forget the plot.

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  1. I can’t believe I forgot about iZombie!! I’ve only seen 2 seasons… I think…maybe three, but I really loved it. The Shannara Chronicles almost made my list and I am excited for the next season which I thought Netflix was going to do, but I might be all wrong.
    I’ve been meaning to watch Mr. Robot and I’ve seen Killjoys talked about A LOT today, so definitely need to add those to the list.

    Great post!

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