Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2021

Welcome to my wrap up post for July! It was a pretty good month, reading wise, plus I took my first trip this month in a year. We went down to southern California and had a wonderful time. I’ll have a post later this week about it, as I had a chance to visit a great bookstore that I want to tell you all about.

Reading wise, I got a lot of books finished. Mostly this was due to the huge number of audiobooks I listened to. I had a couple of different projects going this month that allowed me to listen to books. So that was a bonus.

For the month of July I read 18 books, which is pretty good for a summer month. I have organized them a bit differently this month though as many of them were series. So I have grouped series and like books together. Ready? Let’s begin….

I finished the last three books in the Veronica Speedwell Series this month and had a blast doing it. I so enjoyed this series and highly recommend it if you like historical fiction that has a great mystery and two characters that will keep you laughing out loud at their banter. I also really liked their slow burn romance. I think my favorite is A Murderous Relation, which had the Jack the Ripper murders as part of the story.

Ink & Sigil was a reread in preparation for reading the ARC for the second in the series. I enjoyed the book just as much the second time around.

Paper & Blood was good, but for some reason I just didn’t enjoy it as much as the first book. I am still looking forward to the third though.

The Devil You Know is also a second book in a series. It is a great dystopian romance with a really cute and sweet couple at its center.

The Imposters series was amazing, and such a fast pace that it made it easy to devour these pretty quickly. The third book has one of those endings though that is making me anxiously waiting for book four. This is another series that I would recommend the audiobooks for, as the reader was amazing.

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife was a great murder mystery that I really enjoyed. THere were lots of twists and turns and I thought everyone was guilty at one point or another. I wasn’t totally happy with the ending, but it did sort of match with what the main character would do.

Proof Of Guilt was a book that has been lying around my bedside table for years and I finally got around to reading it. I enjoyed it, and it is making my want to read the rest of the Ian Rutledge books.

Even though I was a bit confused at the start of The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, once I got what was going on I really enjoyed it. It is quite the twisty tale and isn’t quite like any other mystery I have ever read.

I so enjoy the Murderbot books that I wanted to check out another series by the same author. The Cloud Roads is a high fantasy and quite a good one. The world building is amazing. I have the next book waiting for me when I am done with my current read.

Vespertine is an ARC that I read totally out of order, because I just had to read it. I really enjoyed it too, although there were some slow bits and the writing at times was a bit off. But I should have a full review up at some point in the next couple of weeks.

Certain Dark Things was another ARC, for a book coming out in September. This is actually a reprint of this book. Due to circumstances beyond the authors control, it went out of print pretty quickly the first time around. I should have a review up soon for this one as well.

I had to wait a couple of days for one of the Imposter books to be available at the library so I listened to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I don’t think I will ever get tired of listening to these books. I just love Jim Dale’s voice.

Song for a Whale was a middle grade book that I needed to read for work. I enjoyed it quite a bit, although the ending was a bit over the top.

A Deadly Education was a reread as I was able to snag an ARC for book two and needed to refresh my memory before tackling that. It was even better the second time around, and so far I am enjoying the second book too.

I seem to have gotten a little behind in writing my reviews for ARC’s. But I will get them all done eventually.

I hope you had a good reading month! Let me know what your favorite read from the month was or how many you got read!

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