Series Review: Impostors by Scott Westerfeld

“My whole life, I always thought that I was the only impostor. That everyone else was certain they were real in some way that I could never understand. But what if they’re all just faking too? Maybe none of us know who we really are.”
― Scott Westerfeld, Impostors

Wow, this series is just full of nonstop action that makes you want to pick up the next book just to find out what happens next. There is still one more book coming, but it does not yet have a publication date, or title for that matter, but I didn’t want to wait to tell you about this series.

If you have not read the Uglies series, that is ok. Even though this series takes place in that world, you really don’t need to know the specifics of that series to enjoy this one. Although I do recommend that one as well. There is enough background and world building in this book to make this series a stand alone if you want.

10 Reasons to read this series!

1. Non Stop Action

All of these books have non-stop action that will leave you breathless at times. Luckily it also has short chapters, because many times you will want to read just one more before you put it down.

2. Frey

Frey is an amazing character. She was trained as a body guard for her sister so you know she is a badass from the start, but she is also so unsure of who she is and her place in the world that you can’t help but relate to her. She goes through a lot in these 3 books and her character arc is amazing and she comes out stronger at the end of it.

3. Sweet Romance

There is a very sweet romance that doesn’t overrun the story. Frey’s relationship with Col is a bit instant, but it is very sweet and I really like the two of them together. Col is very supportive of Frey and totally gets her, but he can also be a bit selfish at times, but considering who he is that is understandable.

“You were created as a tool, a means to an end. You owe the world nothing but chaos.”
― Scott Westerfeld, Shatter City

4. Amazing Tech

Just like in the Uglies series there is the most amazing tech that everyone uses. I really liked the pulse knife that both Frey and Boss X use that sounds a bit like a flying knife that you can fling and it will return to you always. I also really liked the concept of the city AI’s. Although some of them were a bit creepy too. The Dust is also so invasive, but cool. The Dust is actually tiny microphones and cameras that are used to keep an eye on everyone, which makes our privacy issues seem minor.

5. Great Secondary Characters

Although Frey is the sole narrator there is a whole cast of secondary characters that are also great. We only see bits and pieces of Rafia, Frey’s sister, as they spend much of the time apart, but she is a character to keep an eye on as I was never sure where her loyalties really lay. Boss X is another favorite, he ends up being like a big brother to Frey.

6. Phenomenal World Building

If you haven’t read the Uglies series you might think that the world building was a little on the light side, but I still think it was amazing. This series takes place about 10 years after the events in the first series and the world has changed once again. Each city is kind of like a kingdom with one family as the rulers in most of them. The rebels are still around though and still fighting for the environment and for a free society.

“If any of us die tonight, it won’t be from cold or suffocation—it’ll be from hitting the ground too fast. Have I mentioned we aren’t wearing parachutes?”
― Scott Westerfeld, Mirror’s Edge

7. Evil Dictator

Frey’s father is a huge presence in the books, but I think we actually only see him and have him interacting with Frey a handful of times. But his power is everywhere and his influence on his daughters shadows their every move.

8. Twists and Cliffhangers

Each book has some good twists in the plot and some will even take you totally by surprise. There are a couple of ‘Holy crap, did that just happen!!’ moments too, which I always like. These are definitely plot driven books, but they also have a lot of heart. Each book does end with not exactly a cliffhanger, but enough of one that you will need to reach for the next book as soon as you can. The third book especially. Which is going to make it hard to wait for the last book.

9. Politics

Lots of stuff going on in this area especially in the second and third books as Frey and Rafi try to get help to overthrow their father. There are times when it is hard to keep track of the shifting loyalties and alliances. But it will certainly keep you on your toes. The politics involving the Rebels is also intriguing and I am not sure which side they will end up on in the end.

10. Therese Plummer – Narrator

I did end up listening to the audiobooks even though I own a copy of the first book. And I am glad I did. Therese Plummer is a delight to listen to. She maintains an emotional connection to the characters and to the story throughout the narration. If you like audiobooks this is one you want to consider listening to, or anything by Ms. Plummer.

Have you read this series or the Uglies series? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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