Sibling Rivalery

blood between us

What isn’t there to like about this cover?  Falling bodies, flames, little pieces falling apart.  It would definitely make me at least pick it up to take a look at it in a library or bookstore.  Plus I have read some of this authors work before, which is a plus for me.  But the story behind why I chose to read this book is totally different.  I’ve mentioned Epic Reads before, and I visit their site on a regular basis.  A couple of weeks ago I was viewing their Book Nerd Problems videos and one was about paper cuts.  I had just received a paper cut myself that day so of course I had to watch it.  It was silly and over done, but it made me laugh and forget the pain of the cut for awhile at least.  The book that gives the reader in the video the paper cut is this one.  I was drawn to the title and the cover as well as the description given to the book on their website.  So I picked it up next time I was at the library and finished it a couple of days ago.  It is a pretty quick read, but it is really good. Being the youngest of four I can relate to Adrien and his sister Grace’s  rivalry, although theirs goes beyond anything my siblings and I did to each other.  I was also drawn into the mystery of their parents death and if Grace had anything to do with it. The end is quite surprising, I never suspected the person it ends up being, which is something I always think is the sign of a good mystery. The character of Adrien is well drawn, he is a sympathetic and  confused character, just trying to survive the turmoil that is high school with everything else that is going on.  Even though this is a stand alone novel I would like to read more about Adrien and his sister and see how their lives turn out.  And isn’t that the sign of a good novel?

Enjoy the video from Epic Reads.

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