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I have been seeing this tag a lot lately and decided that it looked like a lot of fun.  A shout out to Caitlynn at Thrice Read and Cait at PaperFury, for posting their answers and making me either think or laugh enough that I knew I had to answer them too. 


3 Read Once and Loved Authors.

This was a hard one to narrow down, so many authors, but I decided to narrow it down to more recent reads and loves. 

  • Victoria Schwab:  I started to see her name everywhere when I first started blogging, so finally I caved in and read This Savage Song, and just fell in love with her writing style and characters.  I just finished her Shades of Magic series and I am even more in love with her books. 
  • Stephanie Garber: Fell instantly in love with her writing style and the world she created in Caravel.  
  • Kendare Blake: She totally captivated me with her world building and writing style.  I am having a hard time waiting patiently for her next book. 


3 Titles I’ve Watched but Not Read.

I thought this was a little bit of a tough one, but when I started thinking about the shows I watch I realized a lot of them are based on books.  

  • iZombie: I love the humor and the cuisine.  This tv series is based on a graphic novel, so I probably won’t ever read it.  GN’s just aren’t my thing.  
  • The Shanara Chronicles: Sorry Terry Brooks, but your books are just too dang long!  Love the show though and am really hoping there will be a third season.
  • Poldark:  This one might be a surprise for those of you who follow me, because I rarely read straight up historical fiction.  But for some reason I really enjoy watching historical drama and mysteries.  I am so looking forward to the next season starting in September. 


3 Series I have Binged. 

I am seriously considering making this the only way I read series from now on.  Those long waits between books are killing me lately. 

  • The Shades Of Magic Series by Victoria Schwab.  Just finished it and just absolutely loved it.  Reading all three straight was heavenly, especially with that cliff hanger at the end of two.  
  • The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells.  I read the first three books one weekend last month and now I have the fourth!  I may read them all again! They are awesome and I can’t wait to get to them and find out what happens to my favorite moody AI. 
  • The Great Library Series by Rachel Caine. The first three were rereads before the fourth one came out, but it still counts.  I will probably do it again when the 5th comes out next year. 


3 Characters I love

I wonder what it says about me that I have picked all guys for this one?

  • Han “Cuffs” Allister from the Seven Realms series.  
  • Kell Maresh from the Shades of Magic series.
  • Magnus Bane from the Shadowhunters


3 Current Favorite Covers

This one was really tough, I have so many favorites, but I decided to go with some that haven’t been published yet.  And they are faves because I am really looking forward to reading them. 


3 Weirdest things I’ve used for bookmarks

I have to admit that I am pretty good about using a book mark, but as a librarian I have found some pretty weird things inside the books when they are returned.  I keep thinking I should take pictures of them.  Here are three I remember.

  • Gum Wrapper- luckily no gum.  
  • A Gift card for a local store- I did return that one.
  • Last nights Homework.  Yeah the dog didn’t eat it. 


3 Favorite Authors

This is very similar to the first one, so because I listed all women above, here are my favorite male authors.

  • Neil Gaiman-  I can not get enough of his books. I love his writing style, his wit and his characters are always well done.
  • Neil Shusterman- He was not a favorite until Scythe came along.  I always liked his books, but that one put him in the top ten.
  • Scott Westerfeld-  I recently discovered that he has also written some adult scyfy books, which I will have to check out sometime.  I an really looking forward to his new series set in the Uglies world.


3 Unpopular Bookish Opinions

This was a bit of a tough one.  I will pretty much read anything and there are not any tropes I necessarily dislike, as long as they are done well, I’m okay with it.  But here are the three I came up with. 

  • Fairytale retellings. I was really into these the last couple of years. But now I’m just kind of over them.  I will probably go back to them eventually though.
  • I am not a book hoarder.  Maybe because I am a librarian, but I don’t buy a lot of books for myself.  Those few I do buy usually get donated within a year or two.  I rather share the book than have it collecting dust on my shelf.
  • I would rather read a werewolf book than a vampire one.  I think Twilight kind of ruined my love of vampires.  


3 Book Goals For the Year

  • Get my ARC’s from NetGalley read in a timely manner and the reviews posted before the publication date.  I’m doing pretty good right now, but I always seem to fall behind when school starts up again.
  • I am getting better at looking at all of the blogs that I follow, but it could be better.  Somedays I just don’t have the time, so I just need to make sure that I set aside some time each week to do it.
  • Read more of the books that I already own.  These books always end up on the bottom of the stack of library books and sometimes I just can’t get to them.  I have knocked off a few this summer but not as many as I had planned.


This was a lot of fun.  I tag any one who wants to do it.  You don’t have to do all of the questions, just the ones you want to and you can always make some up too. 


  1. Great answers!

    I just finished binge reading Shades of Magic and I loved them! They were my first Schwab books but I am going to for sure read more by her!

    I think fairy tale re-tellings are kind of like dystopian novels, where one or two made it big and now everyone is writing them! I like them but there are just too many and they are kind of saturating the bookishsphere right now.

    And I agree Werewolves are better than vampires!

    Liked by 1 person

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