My July 2021 TBR

June ended up being a pretty good reading month. I had eight books on my TBR and I managed to read six of them. The two that I didn’t get around to had more to do with my reading mood than not having the time to read them. Both of these will show up on this month’s list as I really want to read them both, although for different reasons.

But enough about last month, on to this month’s list. I have three ARC’s that I need to read for August and then one more that I am still hoping to get approved for. Then I have chosen two other books off of my TBR, plus the two that I did not read last month for a total of 8 books.

ARC’s I need to read

Dark Waters is the one book on this list that may not get read, only because I don’t technically have approval for the ARC yet. But I am still really hopeful that I will. I loved the first two books in this series and can’t wait to read this. Love that cover too! So creepy!

In My Dreams I hold a Knife also sounds absolutely thrilling. I have never gone to any of my college reunions, and this book may make me either wish I had or never ever want to go.

Paper & Blood is book two in the Ink & Sigil duology. I am so looking forward to returning to this world and seeing some old friends as well.

The Devil You Know is also the second book in the Mercenary Librarians series. I think the focus romance is different in this one, but I’m sure it will be just as steamy as the first one.

Other books I am hoping to read

First up will be the two that I didn’t read in June. Ink & Sigil will definitely be next because I really want to read it before starting on Paper & Blood. Imposters is also one I really want to read this month, so hopefully I will be in the mood and get it done.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get my hands on Any Way the Wind Blows this month. It really depends on how quickly my library gets it and processes it. I am really excited to see how this one wraps up the series.

I am hoping to get through all of the rest of the Veronica Speedwell books, but just to be safe, I’m only listing the next one on the list. A Murderous Relation is the fifth book in a series of seven. I am currently on book four. I highly recommend the audiobooks. The narrator does a fabulous job.

Well I barely managed to survive the epic heat wave we had over the weekend here in the Pacific Northwest. Many records were broken including Forks (yes Twilight fans that Forks) hitting 104!! That was probably the most surprising temperature of the weekend as they rarely even get above 90 being on the coast and all. I pretty much cocooned in my bedroom which is the only room with AC and read through the worst part of the heat each day. Things are looking up with temperatures not quite back to normal but at least livable.

What book are you most looking forward to reading in July?

Leave me a comment I’ld love to hear from you!


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