Audio Friday

I love listening to audiobooks and promote them to people every chance I get.  I love that I can do something else while listening to a good book.  A few years ago I ran across SYNC, which is a summer audio book give away that is sponsored by Audiofile.  Every year starting in May they give away two audiobooks for free.  And these are not old tired synchead-150x150audiobooks that no one really wants to listen to.  Most of them are current YA titles and most of them have gotten wonderful reviews for their audio as well as their book versions. The books are paired up according to a theme decided on by SYNC and are sometimes a fiction with a relevant non-fiction title, but not always.  I have found some really good audiobooks through their program and this years line up looks awesome too.  They have a couple by Andrew Smith and one by David Leviathan.  I highly recommend downloading Bone Gap and also the Sin Eater’s Daughter when they become available.  If you sign up for their text alerts, you will know when the books are available for download.  I don’t download every title they offer, but I download enough to keep me listening all summer and then some.  Click on the SYNC icon to learn more.

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