Top 5 Wednesday- Rewind

Top 5 Wednesday!

We have been doing a rewind for the Top 5 topics this month.  I have been traveling back in time to 2016, before I joined the group, to get my topics.  This week’s comes from July: Recent additions to your Wishlist.  Books I want to buy or are high on my list of library reads.  I decided to go with books I want to buy.  I don’t buy books for myself often, usually only those that I really love, so I thought this would be a good exercise for me.  It was also a good reason to go through my ‘want to read’ list on Goodreads.  I found some duplicates and also some that I had already read, so I was able to reduce my list a little.  I try not to let my list get too unwieldy, so I do go through it periodically, but it has been awhile since the last time. 

These are all books that are coming out sometime this year.  Except for one of them, I already own books from the series,  which usually guarantees my buying the next one.  

1. Smoke and Iron by Rachael Caine

(July 3, 2018)

Smoke and IronI recently was approved for an ARC by NetGalley, which I am super excited about.  I love this series and can’t wait to see how the gang gets out of their current predicament.  I really like the covers for them too, which is always a plus when I decide to purchase a book.  (I like to surround myself with pretty things).  I am hoping at some point that they do a box set where the box transforms into one of those cool automaton lions.  That would be the dream, probably not realistic, but I can always dream.   My plan is to reread the others, before this one, but I better read fast, July 3rd is quickly approaching.


2. Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir

(June 12, 2018)

A Reaper at the GatesI am really torn about whether or not I will be purchasing this one.  I love the series and I own the first two books, but that cover change, UGH!  I really don’t like it at all.  I’n not sure I can bring myself to look at it next to the other two.  To me it looks like one of those old Charlie’s Angels posters, plus way to much green.  I know Sabaa loves them though, I read an interview where she states as much.  I was talking to an author recently about covers, and he mentioned that the authors really don’t have any say in the cover choice, which I find odd.  You would think they would have some say.  I’m pretty sure that I would not have picked up these books with these new covers, and that would have been a shame, as they are just so good! 

3. Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor

(October 2, 2018)

Muse of nightmaresIt will be a long wait till October to find out what Lazlo’s fate is.  I really like this new cover too!  Purple is my favorite color, so I always love it when it is used for a cover.  This story is just so unique and interesting.  It is a shame that it is only a duology.  I am hoping that there will be more stories set in this world, not necessarily with Lazlo, but still set in this amazing and remarkable world. 



4. Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

(November 6, 2018)

ArchenemiesThis is a great cover, and with Marissa being a local author a must buy!  I know Renegades ended up being one of those love it or hate it books, but I really loved it!  Except for Spiderman, I wasn’t really into super heroes or comic books as a kid, so I had no preconceived notion about what a story involving super heroes should be like.  I loved some of the powers that everyone had and I loved that the two main characters struggled with the concepts of right and wrong from their perspectives of being a ‘good’ hero or an ‘evil’ villain.  Just saw that Marissa is expanding the book into a trilogy, which is excellent.  I don’t think I would be ready to say good-bye to this world after this book. 

5. Imposters (Uglies #5) by Scott Westerfeld

(September 11, 2018)

ImpostersI did a little fan girl dance when I found out that there were going to be more books set in the Uglies world.  I absolutely adored this series and am super excited to revisit it.  I used to have copies of the Uglies books, but I donated them to a local school that didn’t have them.  In fact I have donated a lot of books to this school. I would rather see them being read by others than gathering dust on my shelves.  I don’t know much about this new series, I don’t know if Tally will make an appearance, but I am ok if she doesn’t.  It still sounds awesome and I am really looking forward to reading it. This cover is pretty cool, I don’t usually like covers with faces, but this one is just stunning. 

That is my Top 5 books on my wishlist.  As always don’t forget to stop by the Goodreads Group to see what others have chosen for their rewind this week.  What books are musts on your wishlist this year?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I need to replace some of those books I took off my TBR (just kidding).  Until next week.  






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