Half Lost by Sally Green

This is the last book in this amazing series. Once again we have a magical world unlike any other and where the White witches are just as cruel and evil as the Black witches.  The stories are narrated by one character,  Nathan Brynn.  His mother was a powerful White witch, but his father was the most powerful Black witch of his time.  In the first book, Half Bad, we watch Nathan grow up and struggle to be a good person despite all of the horrible things the Council of White Witches and other white witches do to him (watch the trailer).


At the end of the book he finally meets his father and is given his three gifts on his seventeenth birthday, an important rite to getting your magic in this world. In book two, Half Wild, we watch Nathan struggle with who he is and with learning to control his gift of being able to turn into animals. He also joins the Alliance, a group of white and black witches that are trying to overthrow the Council of White and it’s leader Soul.  We also watch him fall in love and be betrayed by that person in a horrible life defining way.  In the last book Half Lost, Nathan continues with his struggles with his losses and with staying true to himself and not become the monster he fears he will become one day.  The Alliance has been weakened, but is till determined to win with Nathan’s help.  Nathan is only seventeen through out the 2nd and third books, but has seen and done some horrible things that can only happen in a war.  These books are not just about magic and witches, but about nature vs. nurture, the true meaning of good and evil, survival and exploitation, and finally about the nature of love and how it can save someone in the end.  And by the way, what amazing covers for all three books!

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