Humanity Survives


It has been a long three years since The 5th Wave was first published.  I remember seeing and hearing about the series at the first librarians  conference I attended in 2013.  It was ALA’s Midwinter Conference and it was my first conference as a librarian.  It was very exciting, and I remember that the publishers were handing out ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies) like they were candy.  My trunk was full of books.  I also remember seeing banners and ads all over the conference for this book. So I picked up a copy and added it to the top of the pile.  It was the first book I read from that conference and I immediately started talking about it to everyone I knew.  It had everything, alien invasion, strong female characters, some hot male characters and evil human/aliens.  It was a long wait for the next one, which proved to be just as good, just as exciting and the intricacies of the plot were just mind blowing.  Again we had another long wait till May of this year for the final book in the series.  The last book was amazing and the ending was not what I expected to happen the way it did.  I still have some questions about the aliens and their motives, I keep thinking I missed something in one of Commander Vosch’s (The evil human/alien? hybrid) explanations. All in all a very well done science fiction trilogy about what an alien invasion may look like and how it will play out in the end.

Some other thoughts on the series.  In preparation for the final book, I listened to the audio versions of the first two.  There are two narrators for each book, reading the male and female parts respectfully.  Phoebe Strole read for all of the books, including The Last Star.  Brandon Espinoza read the male parts in The Fifth Wave and Ben Yannette read for The Infinite Sea and The Last Star books.  All of these narrators did an outstanding job, making the books that much more enjoyable. If you enjoy audio books as much as I do I highly recommend that you listen to this series.

And finally a short note about the movie adaptation.  This book has so many layers that a two hour movie could never do it justice.  I enjoyed the film though, I thought it was well acted and directed, but the story was only the basic story line of the book.  I think it would make a great TV series or mini series, maybe a summer one?  That way they can spend the time working on the more subtle, but oh so important themes of the books.

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