Haunting Dark Comedy

Just Kill Me by Adam Selzer


Summary from Goodreads:

Megan Henske isn’t one to heed warnings…
When the last letters in her alphabet cereal are D, I, and E, she doesn’t crawl right back into bed. When her online girlfriend won’t text a photo, she just sends more of herself.
And when she realizes that Cynthia, her boss at a Chicago ghost tour company, isn’t joking about making stops more haunted by killing people there, she doesn’t quit her job—she may even help.
But who is responsible for the deaths of prominent figures in the murdermonger industry? Could it be the head of the rival tour company? Or could it be someone near and dear to Megan?
Soon after she learns that she has an uncanny resemblance to a flapper who disappeared in 1922, Megan receives a warning she can’t ignore: the next ghost on the tour might be her…



This book was another case of “I didn’t know what I was getting into until I started reading it”, books.  I thought is was going to be more comedic and have more ghosts in it than it did.  Instead it was rather disturbing and strange.  I did like it though.  I learned a lot about Chicago and it’s murderous past because most of the stories they tell on their tours are real stories. I also enjoyed the narrator’s obsession with looking up words in the Oxford English dictionary. I learned quite a few new words although most of them will be hard to work into a conversation as they are quite archaic. None the less it was still fun to see a character that was interested in words and their origins.  The basic premise of the book was also well thought out and interesting, killing people to get more ghosts to show up on the tour, but it was also disturbing.  I found Cynthia’s character the most disturbing, as she really was very flippant and desensitized to death. I am very much for Death with Dignity, but I still found what the characters in this book did somewhat troubling.  I really liked the character of Megan.  She was very engaging and had a great attitude about life and death.  I didn’t really like her relationship with her online girlfriend Zoey, that was Megan’s one character flaw, she was too obsessed with someone she had never met. I even found some of her fan fiction ideas and stories interesting and would maybe even like to read some of them.  All in all a good read and I would recommend it to those of you who like stories that make you think.


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