The Power of Minds

The Possible

The Possible by Tara Altebrando

Publication date June 6, 2017

Summary from NetGalley:

Another twisty psychological suspense from the author of The Leaving, where a teen searches for answers about her mother’s dark history, telekinesis, and the The possiblepower of will.

What if . . . no one knows the truth about you? It’s been thirteen years since Kaylee’s biological mother, Crystal, once infamous for her supposed telekinetic ability, got a life sentence for killing Kaylee’s little brother in a fit of telekinetic rage. Today, Kaylee’s living a normal life with her adoptive parents and almost never thinks of Crystal. Until a woman shows up on Kaylee’s doorstep, asking to interview her for a podcast about her mother. Was the whole telekinesis thing a hoax, or does Crystal have some kind of special powers? Is it possible that Kaylee has them, too? It would certainly explain some of the stranger things that have happened to her over the years.

What if . . . she did the interview? Met her mother for the first time since the trial? Can her mother prove she can make things happen with her mind? Can Kaylee do the same? And what if she has been doing it, all along? As the podcast begins airing, everyone in Kaylee’s life–everyone in the country–is hearing this dark history and asking questions that even Kaylee has never dared ask herself.

The Possible is a twisty, surprising story, and an exploration of the power of our own minds, the power of will, and how our histories define us . . . or not.


ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

I picked this up because I had read The Leaving, and had really liked it. This one was good too, but it left me wanting a little more.

Kaylee is not a very likable character but I found myself sympathizing with her a lot.  She is a little stuck-up and mean in her own way.  She doesn’t say a lot of what she thinks that is mean, except to close friends, so that is good.  But still she thinks it, like her nicknames for the girls in school.  She also kind of has this wall around her and doesn’t really let any one in, not even her friends.  She has kept the secret of her birth mother from them, and she claims that this was because she didn’t think about her and didn’t think it was important, until this podcast came about.  I’m not sure I believe her.  She dreams about her brother sometimes and I think she thought about the telekinesis part of her mom’s story a lot.  Kaylee is a dark character who is very self-centered and somewhat oblivious to others feelings as well.  Also, the whole issue of telekinesis has her wondering, what if she could really make things happen.

Kaylee has two very good friends, Aiden and Chiara.  I’m not sure why they are friends with her as she doesn’t treat them very nicely most of the time.  Aiden is supposedly in love with her, but I found him to be distant and not very supportive of her.  I think he was just tired of the way she treated him, and I couldn’t blame him.  Her crush, Bennett, was also a bit of a jerk most of the time.  He did come around to being a slightly better person toward the end, and was somewhat helpful to Kaylee as well.  Chiara was the nicest character of the three, I really liked her and she tried to be supportive, even when Kaylee was pushing her away. 

Liana, the woman doing the podcast, wasn’t a very likable character either. She was pushy and manipulative and often twisted things to her advantage.  In the end though I think she was doing what she did for the right reasons, and she did prove helpful to Kaylee.

The plot on the whole was very well done.  The formatting was a little off putting at times though.  There were times when Kaylee was reading articles about her mom or telekinesis that were cut off in the middle.  She would sort of summarize the rest, but sometimes it was in the middle of a sentence which annoyed me.  You were constantly questioning along with Kaylee about whether or not she or her mom had telekinesis and if her mom had really killed her brother.  Even at the end I was still wondering about Kaylee and her abilities.

As I reread through this review it doesn’t sound like I enjoyed the book.  But I really did.  I found it hard to put down, I found the whole mystery side of it very interesting and the way they handled Crystal at the end was great.  I enjoyed the themes of how our histories makes us who we are, even when we are not necessarily conscience of it.  I just would have liked some characters that were more likable. 


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