Sunday Confessions

Bookish Thought (1)

Sorry about messing up with my Tuesday post.  The problem with not ever really having a Spring this year, is that everything is blooming now and driving my allergies crazy!  So, I have been in a bit of a fog all week. Not a great excuse for forgetting to post, but it is what it is.   I actually had the post done, but didn’t put it on the schedule for the week. I will promise to do better this week.  We are back to rain which is helping the allergies a little.

Not much else to report.  I have been busy closing up my library for the school year, which is always a little sad.  But I get the time to do some of the projects I’ve been putting off all year, like rearranging some of the books, so that is a plus.


Currently Reading


Avenged by Amy Tintura. This is the second book in a planned trilogy.  Loved the first book.  Looking forward to seeing what happens to everyone.

The Friendship Experiment by Erin Teague.  A leftover ARC from last year.  Sweet middle grade novel about friendship.

Masterminds by Gordon Korman.  I haven’t yet read a book by Gordon that I haven’t liked.  This one sounds like a really good mystery/science fiction.  This is my audiobook for the week.

Waste of Space by Gina Damico.  I love Gina’s sense of humor and have been wanting to read this for a few months.  I had a lot issues with getting it to download from NetGalley, but finally this week  success!


Book Reviews

Monday: Roar by Cara Carmack. Amazing world building and a really good story to boot.

Tuesday: The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands. Loved it, I just couldn’t put it down.

Thursday: Seeker by Veronica Rossi.  Some mixed feelings about this one.

Friday: Illusion: Chronicles of Nick #5 by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Nick wakes up in an alternate reality, one where he is human and everyone is ‘normal’.  So far it is quite humorous.

That is all of my confessions for the week.  Happy Reading!

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