Audio Friday-Razorland #3

Horde: Razorland #3 by Ann Aguirre

Read by Emily Bauer

Summary from Goodreads:

The horde is coming.

Salvation is surrounded, monsters at the gates, and this time, they’re not going Hordeaway. When Deuce, Fade, Stalker and Tegan set out, the odds are against them. But the odds have been stacked against Deuce from the moment she was born. She might not be a Huntress anymore, but she doesn’t run. With her knives in hand and her companions at her side, she will not falter, whether fighting for her life or Fade’s love.

Ahead, the battle of a lifetime awaits. Freaks are everywhere, attacking settlements, setting up scouts, perimeters, and patrols. There hasn’t been a war like this in centuries, and humans have forgotten how to stand and fight. Unless Deuce can lead them.

This time, however, more than the fate of a single enclave or outpost hangs in the balance. This time, Deuce carries the banner for the survival of all humanity. 


The final book in this amazing series.  My only complaint was the length, and that was probably more due to the audiobook length (14 hours).  I probably wouldn’t mind the length if I was reading.  There was just so much going on in this book that it was hard to put down at times.

We still only get the story from Deuce’s point of view and that is ok.  It makes for a steady discourse.  She continues to be brave and amazing and accomplishes a lot for someone so young.  It amazes me how someone so young can command an army, but she is able to win over everyone with her determination and her ability to strategize.  It also helps that the traders and others talk her up to the other settlements and tell stories about her conquests over the Horde. 

All of her friends continue with her and support her the best they can.  Tegan becomes the company doctor, Stalker her best scout and of course her relationship with Fade as her partner continues.  There are others that help her on her way as well.  I especially liked Morrow.  He is a story teller and often he obtained food and board for the group in their travels by telling stories.  We never get the full stories in the book but there is enough that you can recognize them as before stories that he has found in the ruins.  One especially about a boy wizard will make some people smile.  Deuce also likes his stories and takes comfort from them and thinks about them in times of stress. 

All of the settlements that they come in contact with are quite different from each other and they have all dealt with the Horde in their own ways.  These ways might rub some people the wrong way, but sometimes you have to do what you must to survive. It is also good to note that the army, although mostly men also has women in leading roles as well as soldiers themselves.  Everyone needs to contribute, no matter your gender in order to survive. 

The Horde is an amazing thing, and it is what makes this series better than your average post apocalypse story.  When we first meet the freaks in the first book, they sound more like zombies, just killing and eating randomly.  But they evolve into a truly terrifying force that wants to wipe out humanity.  Scary stuff.  There are people who help Deuce figure out what is going on with the Horde, but most of the stuff she figures out on her own with her own observations and intuition. 

The romance between Fade and Deuce finally gets going in this final book, but it is nice to note that for the most part it is in the background.  Both of them are too busy fighting and surviving to bother much with their love affair. It was sort of refreshing not having that at the fore front of the story.  So no stolen kisses before, during or after a battle.  It is only right before the final battle that they finally come together and consummate their love.  It was nicely done.  

All together this has been an incredible series in this genre.  If you like post apocalyptic fiction you definitely need to read this one.  I also highly recommend that you check out the audio book, Emily Bauer does a great job in bringing the characters to life.  I’m hoping that the companion novel that came out this week, Vanguard, will help revitalize this series and bring on a surge of popularity.  

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