Top Five Wednesday- Nostalgic Book Friends

Top 5 Wednesday!

This week’s topic is Nostalgic Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends
— Characters you swooned over when you were younger.

This one was a bit tricky for me, I tend to fall in love with at least one character with every book I read, especially when I was younger.  So I decided to include characters that I would just like to hang with and be friends with.  I also tried to stick with books I read either as a child or a teen, making it harder for my memory to come up with stuff. 

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1. Pippi Longstalking

Pippi Longstocking


I really identified with Pippi as a kid. It wasn’t just the red hair either.  I liked her outgoing personality and she was fun to spend time with.  I was a very quiet and shy child, so I would try to imagine myself to be more like Pippi, adventurous and funny.  Didn’t really work out for me, but still very fond memories of spending time with her.




2.  Bilbo Baggins and Thorin’s company of dwarves

The Hobbit


This is another pretty strong memory from elementary school.  I really wanted to join this group of adventurers and head out into the wilderness to fight ogres and dragons.  I probably read this book 4 or 5 times before I read the Lord of the Rings books.  One of my favorite books on my shelf is a beautiful leather bound copy of The Hobbit that my brother gave me (best gift he ever gave me).   I still will occasionally pick up this book and read it and share in the adventures.  And although I loved the Lord of the Rings movies I hated the ones for the Hobbit.  


3. Ged/Sparrowhawk

A Wizard of Earthsea


I think this was the first character that I really wanted to be my boyfriend.  I just remember falling so deeply in love with everything about him.  I read the whole trilogy many times, my copies are well worn out.  My mom sent them to me a few years ago so I have proof.  I re-read them when they arrived and unfortunately some of that magic was lost.  But I can still can remember the fond feelings I had for Ged as a tween. 




4. Lessa and F’lar

DragonflightI found this series as a Young Adult and instantly fell in love with this world.  I still think of it as a prime example of science fiction/fantasy.  Unfortunately it has fallen out of favor recently which is a shame.  I would head out on a dragon anytime with Lessa and F’lar at my side.  They are flawed characters, especially by today’s standards.  But consider the times they were published in (1968) and you can forgive their attitudes and understand them a bit better.  I also think this was the first book I read with any kind of sex in it and it blew my mind!  I tried to find a picture of the cover that matched what I remember it looking like, but I couldn’t find one.  I like this cover though, it would make me pick it up again!

5.  Han Alister

The Demon King


Ok, I’m cheating here.  This one is not from my youth, but if I could pick any character that I would fall in love with it would be Han.  I just loved him and still do.  He is a con man and a thief, but he has morals.  He is also funny and charming and I think would be fun to hang out with as a friend as well.  This is still one of my top 5 favorite series and I recommend it all the time to friends I know love fantasy.  It is a different world with great characters, plot and writing.  If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for. 



That is my list for this week.  Remember to check out the Goodreads Group to see what others came up with.  I am always surprised by what others say and sometimes even find a book or two to add to my TBR.  Happy Reading!





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