Poison’s Kiss #2

Poison Cage by Breeana Shields

Publication Date January 16, 2018
Summary from NetGalley:

Poison's cageA single kiss could kill. A single secret could save the kingdom.

Iyla and Marinda have killed many men together: Iyla as the seductress, Marinda as the final, poisonous kiss. Now they understand who the real enemy is–the Snake King–and together they can take him down. Both girls have felt as though they were living a lie in the past, so moving into the king’s palace and pretending to serve him isn’t as difficult as it sounds. But when you’re a spy, even secrets between friends are dangerous. And each girl has something–or someone–to lose. Does every secret, every lie, bring them closer to the truth . . . or to a trap?

In Poison’s Kiss, Marinda pulled a dangerous thread. In this sequel, it unravels to a heart-pounding conclusion.


ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

If you read Poison’s Kiss awhile ago, you might want to consider rereading it before picking this one up.  This book picks up pretty much where the last one left off and there is not much time spent on recapping the first.  Usually I like a re-cap, but in this case it worked for me that there wasn’t.  You are reminded of a few things that happened in the first book, but there is never a huge info dump, which made the flow of the book at the start that much more heart pounding as you are immediately thrown into the action.  This sequel has a lot more action than the first which made it hard to put down at times. 

I can’t remember if Marinda was the sole POV in the first book, I kind of remember that there were some chapters from Iyla’s view point but this book switched back and forth between the two more than the first.  I enjoyed getting to know Iyla better in this book.  She is such a sad and bitter girl, but as you get to know her you understand her issues and start rooting for her life to get better.  I still like Marinda although she is still a bit on the wimpy side.  She does however prove herself to be worthy of heroine status.  There were not as many scenes with her and Mani together, which I missed.  I loved their relationship in the first book, and did enjoy the special moments they had in this book, I just wanted a few more.  Deven was also not in this book as much as I would have liked although Marinda thought of him often.  

The Hindu and Buddhist mythology that is the basis for this story was fascinating.  I don’t know much about these myths but this book makes me want to read more.   I was very intrigued by the Naga and the Garuda characters and thought that they made a good evil vs. good pairing.  The storyline that develops from these two mythical creatures was fascinating and at times surprising.  The idea that humans can lose their humanity and become monsters was well done in this story.  I also liked that the idea of reincarnation and that everyone lives more than one life (including animals) was an interesting concept and how it was used in the book was a nice twist.

Great sequel to this wonderful duo-logy.  Lots of action and some twists in the plot that kept me guessing at how it was all going to end.  Some light and sweet romance thrown in as well.  Loved the India like setting which made this story such a joy to read.   Looking forward to seeing  more from this author in the future. 


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