Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday!

Book Mash-Ups

I almost didn’t do this week’s topic and I am probably not totally doing it right. Instead of making up my own, I’m using ones that have actually been used on books I’ve read recently. I guess I never pay attention to this stuff, because they hardly ever make sense to me.  And I have been burned by them a few times.   But I saw a few recently that sort of made me go WHAT??? So I decided to share them. 

Meets 1

This one I don’t get at all.  I kind of get comparing Night Circus to Legendary, they definitely have the same creepy, dark atmosphere, but where are they getting Hunger Games? Sorry nope, not buying it.  If I had seen this first, it probably would have made me hesitate to pick up the book.

Meets 2

This one I sort of get, but as I didn’t love Warbringer nor the Vikings show, it would not be a draw for me.  I chose and read Sky in the Deep based on the cover and the summary, which is as it should be.  

Meets 3

I was trolling NetGalley the other day and the cover for The Dark Beneath the Ice totally got my attention.  Then I have to admit that when I saw the Black Swan meets Paranormal Activity, it did kind of make me take notice.  Then I read the summary and I was hooked.  I’m not sure why they picked two movies as their references but it works.  I have not seen either of these movies, so I have only a vague notion of what they are about, but I have to admit that mixing ballerinas and paranormal stuff is an interesting idea.  

Meets 4

This is another book I found while looking around NetGalley.  Again the cover for The Unfortunates is what first attracted me to it.  I haven’t read it yet, but after reading the synopsis I’m totally on board.  This mash-up was presented more as fans of Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars, and I kind of get it from the summary, but I’m not totally pulled in.  I’ve watched the first season of Riverdale, but lost interest about 5 episodes into the second one.  I’ve never read the PLL books.

School for Psychics

 I get a lot of emails from various publishers and that are library related and I keep seeing School For Psychics pop-up.  The first time I saw the mash-up I was like  Huh?? Then it kind of made me laugh.  I really wish that publishers would stop using Harry Potter as their comparison book.  It doesn’t work. The Harry Potter phenomenon was very unique and however much publishers wish they could repeat it, I just don’t think it will ever happen again.  It has died down a bit lately, but then I see something like this I think Oh No! Not again.  Anyways, I think this is an adult book, but maybe has YA appeal?  It does sound interesting and I might pick it up eventually, but not sure. 

So those are my Top 5 Mash-ups for this week.  Please stop by the Goodreads community to see what others have come up with.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other people who are far more creative than I am have come up with.  

Do you have any book Mash-ups that will make you want to read a book?  Leave a comment.



  1. I guess most of these make sense but that first one made me do a double-take. It’s such a weird combination. And I read part of School For Psychics and I would definitely compare it more to X-Men. It was somewhat of a disappointment, but the narrator is fun!


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