Top 5 Wednesday – Rewind

Top 5 Wednesday!

Series I probably won’t finish!

This will be the last rewind post for the month.  I’m hoping for some good topics for June, although it has been fun picking my own topics.  I’m not positive that this is a T5W topic, but I have been seeing it make the rounds on the blogs that I follow, so I thought it would be fun.  I am pretty good about finishing series, but sometimes it takes me a long time.  Usually it is because there is such a long wait between books, that I forget about it, but sometimes it is because I was just not super interested in continuing the series.  I usually do go back to them eventually though, so I may finish these sometimes in the future, never say never right?

1. Earthsinger Chronicles

Song of Blood and StoneThe first book in the series was ok, I just never really connected with it. I spent most of the time confused by the world and the magical system.  I also just ended up not caring that much about the characters, although I did like them as a couple.  The ending was written in such a way that it felt like their story was completed, so I don’t feel like I need to know more about what happened to them.  Perhaps the next book will be about different characters, which might make me want to read it, but maybe not. 


2. Ink, Iron, and Glass series

Ink Iron and GlassThis is another book that I liked well enough, but maybe not enough to continue with it.  Whether or not I pick up the next one will probably depend on what else I am reading at the time and if I can squeeze it into my schedule.  There was a lot to like about this book, the main character Elsa and many of the other characters.  The magical system was very interesting, and I liked the steam punk aspect of it.  But still, not enough interest to make it a high priority.  Love the cover though!


3. Morganville Vampires

Glass HousesThis is a series I probably will go back to at some point.  I enjoyed the first three books and I like that they are fairly short.  There are just so many of them! I just don’t have the time to read 12 more vampire books.  I also had some issues in the vampire lore in this one as well, but that one is on me.  Authors can make up their own vampire lore and I can either live with it or not.  I did the audio books for the ones I did read and will probably continue with those if I decide to pick it up again. 


4. Royal Bastards

Royal Bastards

My biggest issue with this book was the dialog, all of the  characters sounded like typical American teens.  The book even opened with them hanging out and drinking.  I like my fantasy to sound like fantasy not a contemporary with some magic thrown in.  I have a little bit of interest in finishing this one, I’ve heard the second book is better, but I will probably wait until the third book is out.  



5.  Wintersong


I am pretty sure I won’t ever read the second book of this duology.  I really just didn’t care about the characters and I found the plot too confusing.  I know I am in the minority with this book, almost everyone I know loved it, but I just don’t feel the love.  I am ok with that, I don’t have to love all of the books I read.  



There are a few more series I could mention, but I think I will hold on to them for another post.  As always, stop by the Goodreads Group to see what others have chosen for their rewind topics.  I have seen some interesting ones.  

Are there any series you won’t be finishing?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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