Top 5 Wednesday – Summer Reads

Top 5 Wednesday!

Yeah Summer!

This week’s topic on Top 5 Wednesday is Summer Reading!  We get to choose what makes a good summer read.  When I go on vacation, I try to bring light and breezy books.  Books that I don’t have to think about, but are fun and not too long.  For the purposes of this post I also tried to find books that were set in the summer or a summery place (like Hawaii) or the end of the school year. 

Here are some of my favorite books that would make good summer reads. The pictures link up to either my review or the Goodreads summary page. 

Revenge of the Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen


What better way to spend my summer vacation than reading about an evil librarian.  Although I liked the first book in this series a tad better than this one, I chose this one for the list because the setting is a summer drama camp.  These books are hilarious, and Cynthia, the main character,  is a hoot.  The librarian in question is actually a demon who poses as the school librarian in the first book so that he can steal the soles of the students.  Cynthia and her friends have to stop him and the other demons that show up at camp.  Did you know that demons love theater, especially musical theater?  If you are looking for a really funny read that takes some pokes at demons and librarians, you need to read these.

Geekerella by Ashley Poston


I keep finding myself putting this one on lists, but it is such a fun book!  The audio book was really good as well.  This one takes place in the summer in a food truck and it is all about fandom and cosplay!  It is also a contemporary take on the Cinderella story, but there is no real magic, just the magic of love and friendship and connecting through text messages.  Lots of laugh out loud moments, but also some very sweet moments.  One of the stepsisters turns out not to be evil or wicked which was a nice change.  


Denton’s Little Death Date by Lance Rubin

denton-little-1Although there are some flaws in the premise of this book, the overall story was hilarious.  The basic premis is that everyone knows the date of their death from birth.  This book starts a few days before Denton’s deathdate and everything that could go wrong does. Denton is just a typical teen, who wants to go to prom, have sex, get drunk all in the last few days before his deathdate that happens to fall on his high school prom night.  Denton is adorable and sweet and I kept hoping that things would get better, but they only got worse and more mysterious as the day leading up to his deathdate went on.  It was hard watching him say goodbye to everyone he knew.  He does end up going to prom, and it ends up being a disaster as well.  There is a second book which wasn’t quite as funny as this one, but still a funny and fast read. 

The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Helig

The Girl From Everywhere

This one is a little long maybe to qualify as a summer read, but the setting is great. I love Hawaii and would have loved to have visited it before the US took it over and exploited it.  The historical aspect of this book is what makes it a fascinating read as well as the time travel.  I liked the romance too and Kashmir is such a sweetie!  I’m not sure Nix really deserves him.  There is a sequel to this which I haven’t read or listened to yet.  The audio book is very good and this is one I would recommend for a long plane or car trip.  I also just love that cover!


A Date With Darcy (Bookish Boyfriends #1) by Tiffany Schmidt

Bookish BoyfriendsThis is my only one that doesn’t take place is the summer, but it starts at the beginning of the school year which is still summer right?  But this was such a fun read it definitely qualifies for a good vacation book.  I often found myself laughing out loud while I was reading this.  It is a great nod to Pride and Prejudice as well as other literary romance books. It also pokes some fun at YA tropes and cliches.  The family support that Merri through out the book is wonderful and I love the relationship between the sisters.  There is a hint of magical realism with the teacher character who gives Merri the book that starts her boyfriend adventures.  I am looking forward to the next one which I think will be based on Little Women and will focus on one of Merri’s sisters. 

Those are my top five summer reads. Hope you found something to add to your summer reading list.  As always be sure to stop by the Goodreads group to see what other people have suggested. 

What books do you recommend for summer reading? 







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