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July 11, 2018 by elnadesbookchat

YA vs Adult Covers

I discovered my superpower one day a couple of months ago.  I can tell whether a book is a YA or an Adult book just by looking at the cover.  Isn’t that amazing.  To test this out I went to Netgalley and just started looking at covers, and about 75% of the time I could pick out the YA covers,  I was often fooled by those that are listed as both, but I am still convinced this is some kind of superpower!

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of covers to see if you share my superpower.  Take a look at these covers and see if you can pick out the YA covers.

So have you figured it out? Leave a comment with your list of choices and I will let you know if you are right!  


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