This is why I love my job!

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This school year has been a little tough for me for various reasons, but then something happened today that reminded me why I love this job so much.  I was sitting in my office when one of my favorite students came in and handed me a book.  

“This is for you,” she said. “It is my newest favorite book.  You should read it! I think you will really like it!”  

Then she turned around and left before I had a really good chance to thank her.  When I opened the book I found a piece of paper inside with this poem on it that she had written.

Thank you

A kind word

A small nudge

Thank you

Bringing me new books

Teaching me too

You’ve done more

than you needed 

Thank You!

This one little gesture just made my day, and the book looks really good too. 


img_02221.jpgTwelve-year old Tara Duncan has been developing strange telekinetic powers that allow her to bend space and levitate others high above the ground. Tara keeps her powers a secret until a masked man named Magister attacks her home and she is forced to escape to the planet OtherWorld. There she finds a new group of loyal friends and begins to better understand her strength. But when Tara discovers a secret about her mother that sets her on an epic journey, will her powers be strong enough to defeat the Magister?
This is the first book in the Tara Duncan series – a fantasy series full of action, adventure, and romance, focused on a heroine who faces danger and betrayal with resilience, courage, and magic.

Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian has been writing since the age of twelve. She hold’s a master’s in diplomacy and strategy and is married with two teenaged daughters. Her Tara Duncan series is translated in twenty-seven countries and is a bestseller in France. 

I will have to wait a little while before I can read this one, as I am currently in the middle of two other books, but it will certainly be near the top of the pile. 




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