2018 Favorites – Part One

2018 part one

Mysteries/Thrillers, Historical and Contemporary

For today’s post I am going to list my favorite books that I read this year in these three genres.  

Mysteries/ Thrillers

Out of all of the Mysteries and Thrillers I read this year, these four stand out as being exceptional.  Truly Devious is a great start as a new series by Maureen Johnson.  I am really looking forward to book two next month.  The other three are all stand alone books that had really great plots and twists that kept me guessing.  Any Second is perhaps my favorite of the three.   The Cheerleaders had a great ending and One of us is Lying had some great characters.  


When Dimple Met Rishi    Bookish Boyfriends

I don’t read a whole lot of Contemporary, unless it is funny or has something else besides a romance going for it.  These two certainly fell into the funny category and I just adored them both.  I really liked the retelling of Pride and Prejudice in A Date with Darcy. I just adored both Dimple and Rishi and really enjoyed spending time with both of them.  


Sky in the Deep    Girl at the Grave

Straight up historical fiction is just not my thing.  But these two almost make me change my mind.  Although I do tend towards historical mysteries which is what Girl At the Grave was.  Lots of nice twists and I really liked the main character.  Sky in the Deep was also a good adventure set in Viking times, a good strong female lead with a riveting plot.  

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Mystery/Thriller Series that I finished this year 

Every Series

The Every series I learned about from a reading buddy.  She highly recommend it and I ended up just loving it.  The final book came out this year, and it was just stunning.  If you are looking for a Sherlock Holmes read alike set in Australia, this is definitely one to pick up. 

trouble series

This series needs a serious cover make over.  I just adored Rigby and found the whole story fascinating.  It was also fast paced and exciting at times.  I was glad that I discovered the Trouble series this year so that I could read it pretty close together.  


Follow Me Back  Tell Me No Lies

The Eric Thorne Obsessed series is a study in fame going horribly wrong.  I really liked the twisted end too.  

Beautiful Idols

The Beautiful Idols series didn’t end at all like I expected, but was so good.  If you like a contemporary mystery that is set in the glamorous  nightlife of LA then this is the series for you. 

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As you can tell from the title this will be a series of four posts listing my favorites of the year.  Tomorrow’s post will be about my favorite middle grade books I read this year.  

What were your favorite Mysteries/ Thrillers from this year?  Any good recommendations for Historical or Contemporary that I should read? 


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