Too Much Fantasy?

Is there such a thing as reading too much of one genre?   

I never used to think so, but lately I have found myself thinking that I’m getting a bit tired of fantasy.  Plus they start to either all sound the same or I start getting the storylines mixed up.  My mind is turning into a fantasy muddled mess.  So, I thought I needed a change and here we are.  I have also been wanting to knock off some books from my physical TBR, so I went through all of my books and made a stack of non-fantasy books. 

Non-fantasy TBR

My plan is to switch back and forth between fantasy (or what ever library book I have checked out)  and one of these. Some of these are very new, but most have been sitting on my shelf for awhile.   Right now I am about finished with Realm of Ruins, when I am through I will pick up one of these.  But which one? 

I think I have it narrowed down to these four:

Cherie Priest’s new book The TollI love her books and this is gothic horror which is kind of fantasy maybe?  Don’t care as it is far from the usual fantasy I read so I’m including it. Plus it is fairly short.

Taylor Adams’s No ExitI saw a review of this book a few weeks ago and then came across a free copy at ALA (SCORE!)  I love thrillers and this one would be perfect to read right now as it takes place during a blizzard. (We recently had a snow storm here in the PNW, the first in a couple of years!)

Tiffany Schmidt’s The Boy Next StoryI don’t read a lot of contemporary but I really enjoyed the first book in this series and so I had to pick this one up at ALA as well.  This one is based on Little Women. 

Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward:  I see so many reviews of this book just going on and on about how good it is.  I got this one last fall when Brandon was on the book tour for it and stopped by Seattle to speak.  It was a very good talk about failure and how it can come out being a good thing.  You can find the video of his talk here, it was really good.

So what do you think?  Which one should I pick?  One of these or something else from the pile that caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments.  


  1. The Boy Next Story sounds really interesting – though I might be biased because I really like Little Women.
    And I’ve found that as well in the past, reading so much of one genre that everything bleeds into one and you can spot tropes a mile off. I think that’s why I stopped reading certain genres like fantasy and crime for a bit, but looking forward to getting back into them!

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  2. I’m totally the same way. I’ve had to monitor how much YA I read in general, and especially YA Fantasy. It was turning into the same tropes over and over that ended up ruining a lot of books for me.

    I LOVED Unwind and No Exit! They both totally hooked me and I couldn’t put it down!

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads

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