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I have been a bit slack with tags lately.  Partly because I think I have done most of the ones that I have seen going around lately.  But I saw this one over on Chelle’s Book Ramblings, so I thought I would give it a try.  Be sure to check out Chelle’s answers as well.  She had some good ones. 

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  • A Really Hyped Book You’re Not Interested in Reading?

A curse so dark and lonely

Is it me or are there a lot of Beauty and the Beast retellings?  I think I have seen at least two recently that are coming out this year.  It was never my favorite fairy tale and even though this one sounds kind of unique take on it, I think I will pass.  I do like the cover though. 



  • A Series You Won’t Start/Won’t Be Finishing?

War StormI have two for this one.  Although I may yet finish the Red QueenInk Iron and Glass series, I just couldn’t get into reading the final book after that disappointing third one.  Also, it was so damn long! The other series is easier to say no to, I just didn’t like the characters enough, or the plot for that matter to continue with it.  There are probably lots of series I have started and forgotten about, but these were the two that came to mind for this prompt.

  • A Classic That You’re Just Not Interested In?

Dracula RetoldI have read a lot of classics so it was hard to find one I hadn’t read.  But I decided to go with Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  I just have lost interest in reading about vampires, and even though his book is the classic that most vampires are based on, I just don’t feel the need to read it.  However I recently came across a modern retelling that sounded like an easier read, so I might go with that one.  Dracula Retold is a modern retelling, that is shorter and has modern language.  

  • Any Genres You’ve Never Read?

I am not sure that I can say there is no genre that I have never read at least once, accept for maybe Manga.  Graphic Novels just aren’t my thing although I can appreciate why others like them so much.  But while I have read a few graphic novels, I don’t think I have ever cracked open a Manga.  

  • A Book On Your Shelves You’ll Probably Never Actually Read?

blood water paintFunny story there, I just purged my shelves of books that I decided I would never read.  Most of them were ARC’s that I got at conferences, but then decided that I wasn’t interested in them.  The one book that came to mind though was Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough because it just won a Morris Award.  This is probably a great book but it had two strikes for being a historical novel and it was written in verse.  Two of my least favorite forms.  But she is a local author so I will give her a try at some point.  

So hopefully I didn’t offend anyone with my answers.  Please feel free to do this tag, but please link back to me and to Chelle so that we can see your answers.  



  1. It’s totally understandable with retellings that a certain story isn’t your favorite, so it’s not worth your time to read something inspired by a story you don’t like. I’m like that with Alice in Wonderland, just not my thing lol. Great answers 🙂

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