Top 5 Wednesday-Bookish Pet Peeves

Top 5 Wednesday!

Bookish Pet Peeves

While Top 5 Wednesday is on a much needed vacation, I am just picking topics that interest me or that I think about all the time.  I think this was an official topic at some point, but I don’t think I ever did it.  Mostly because I am a pretty easy going reader.  Pretty much I will go along with whatever the author wants, it’s their story to tell after all.   But lately there have been a few things that have been bugging me and I want to get off my chest. So what better place to do that than here?


Hot Supernatural Beings

I am pretty sure that you all have noticed this one too, but why is every angel, demon, gargoyle, vampire, werewolf, etc. hot?  Can’t they just be average? Or slightly less muscular.  I don’t know, just mix it up a bit please!  Also, I don’t need it constantly drilled into me just hot they are!  Maybe I am just feeding off of the last book I read, but it is beginning to bug me a bit.  


This one obviously needs a little bit of an explanation.  I like kissing. I like reading about kissing. But I keep thinking that I must be doing it wrong, because my lips have never felt swollen or bruised afterwards.  But that is almost always mentioned after the characters have been passionately kissing.   I just don’t know….  Also, biting my lip when I am frustrated or concentrating?  I don’t do that and I don’t think I have ever seen someone do it.  


This one is genre specific to high fantasy.  If you are going to go through all of the trouble to create this elaborate world, so unlike our own, with it’s own vocabulary and slang, why do you not create the swear words too?  Nothing pulls me out of a story more, when I am merrily reading along, totally emerged, and then somebody drops the f-word.  Boom, fantasy lost.  If you can’t bring creative swearing to the table, then just leave it out, or say something like, she/he cursed. 

Science Fiction and Fantasy are not the same thing!

But yet they are always lumped together like they are.  I hate going to a bookstore or the library in the mood for a good SF and having to muddle through shelves crowded with both genres.  Also, in the blogging world and on Goodreads you often see them listed together.  Now I admit there is a bit of blurring between the genres and they do have some similar conventions, but in general Science Fiction is what could be and Fantasy is something that will never be.  I could write a whole blog post on this, but that is enough for now.  

Changing the Covers Mid-Series

I think this one bugs a lot of people.  It is just so annoying not to have covers that match.  I am ok when it changes from hardcover to paperback, but keep them similar, please.  There have only been a handful of times when I have liked the change, mostly I don’t.  I think it is because I am shallow and yes I chose to pick up a book because of it’s cover.  But what is on the inside is what keeps me coming back.  So please, publishers, if you are reading this, please stop changing the covers, please?


So that was this weeks topic.  Hope you liked my little rants.  Not sure what will be on the agenda for next week.  Possibly books I am looking forward to reading in the rest of 2019, as we are coming up on the half-way mark.  But we shall see. 

What has been bugging you lately about books?  Leave a comment. 




  1. I love your Top 5 book pet peeves. I don’t know what bugs me, but now that I have read your list, which I like a lot, I am going to think about it. I guess if something really bugged me, I wouldn’t read it.

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  2. I have never had my lips feel bruised or swollen after kissing either! But I do bite my lip when I am anxious and when I am concentrating. When I was little I would stick my tongue out when I was concentrating haha and I fixed that by biting my lip instead 😂😂

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