Mini Reviews

The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline

Publication Date: September 2017

“Sometimes you risk everything for a life worth living, even if you’re not the one that’ll be alive to see it.”

This was a very interesting book, it dealt with a lot of issues surrounding persecution and loss of a culture. I really enjoyed the characters, especially our young narrator, Frenchie. He is really struggling right on the cusp of manhood, but he has lost so much in his short life, everyday being a struggled just to survive. His found family is a great cast of characters as well. They work well together as a team and support each other through the hardships.

The plot was interesting, but I felt like I needed a bit more of an explanation of why the Indigenous people were being hunted. We just kind of got the bare bones of an explanation. Part of this was because I don’t really think they understood it themselves, but the total lack of understanding bothered me. The story also felt unfinished. The ending was open ended, but it felt like there was going to be more to the story, They had discovered a solution to their problem, but have not yet used it.

But overall, I really did like this one. There is something to be said for maintaining your cultural identity and teaching it to the young people so that it isn’t lost to the world.

The Toll (Arc of a Scythe #3) by Neal Shusterman

“We never know what choices will lead to defining moments in our lives. A glance to the left instead of right could define who we meet and who passes us by. Our life path can be determined by a single phone call we make, or neglect to make.”

This book was simply amazing, beautiful and so well done. It wrapped up all of the loose ends of all of the plots that had been laid out in the previous two books, and there were a lot of plots, almost to the point of too many. But the characters are so well done, that you don’t get lost in all of the twists and turns that this story will take you through.

My one very minor complaint was that Citra’s and Rowen’s love story again took a back seat to the other storylines. But given everything that was happening around them and to them, it was understandable, and considering how their story ended, forgivable. For a couple who spent more time apart than together, they were truly meant to be.

This was not a fast paced book, but it wasn’t exactly slow either. There is a lot going on, and one has to pay attention to understand everything. There are a few places where you get a bit mired down in the details, but the details are the important thing. The time line was also confusing at times. Not everything was told in a linear fashion, but skipped around over a three year period, especially at the start of the book. It took a little getting used to, but you learn to go with it.

Overall a wonderful ending to a masterfully done series. I enjoyed reading the entire series and highly encourage you to read it of you haven’t already.

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