Under the Covers

I love looking at the covers of books. But sometimes when you look under those covers you find a little something you weren’t expecting. I see this most often in children’s books, when there is a slightly different picture on the book than the paper cover. But it does also happen sometimes with books for older audiences, and I just love it when it does.

Now I am not one of those people who gets all worked up about their series covers not matching, I usually still buy the book. Sometimes I understand the change, other times I do not. But I totally get that it is not something that the author or the fans can control.

I was a little disappointed when I first saw the cover for The Lost Book of the White.

I liked this cover and totally get why the publisher decided to go this way. It does fit the tone and style of the other Shadowhunter books. And of course you can’t go wrong with Magnus on the cover. But I really liked the cover for The Red Scrolls of Magic and was looking forward to another one like it.

I just really liked the colors and the depiction of Paris in the background. And it sets it apart from the other books, which I kind of liked. Well, needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up my new copy of The Lost Book of the White and discovered this on the reverse side of the cover.

Isn’t that an amazing cover? I just love how it wraps all the way around the book. So now, if I want to, I can change the cover to fit my mood, or to match the first book. Why can’t more publishers do this? It would solve so many problems and make so many people happy!

Maybe this is the start of a new trend. I certainly hope so. What do you think?

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