October 2020 New Releases

I think the publishers are done moving things around, but it is still sort of like trying to hit a moving target. I swear that books are still being moved, but I think there is a little less of it than there was. That said, double check when the book is coming out, it can still change even this close to publication date. Of course, these are US dates and so other countries probably will have different days.

There are lots of books coming out next month, that I am super excited about. Even a couple that I have already read, but I am excited to see the rest of the world enjoy them as much as I did. So let’s get started.

Coming October 6th

  • Five Total Strangers sounds super scary and with winter right around the corner I am always looking for a thriller that takes place in a snow storm.
  • The Lives of Saints sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.
  • The Devil and the Dark Water is historical fiction which isn’t normally my thing, but I am willing to give this one a chance.
  • We Were Restless Things also sounds kind of creepy and scary which is also good for October.
  • The Tower of Nero is the last book in the Trials of Apollo series. I am so looking forward to finishing this series, it has been fun.

The rest of the month…

  • The title White Trash Warlock totally caught my eye and made me take a closer look. I also like the cover, very catchy. Plus, it is urban fantasy, something I am really into lately. I don’t think this in on many people’s radar as it is a debut, but I’m interested.
  • Among the Beasts and Briars is the newest from Ashley Poston and even though I am sort of over the fairy tale retellings, I love her writing so I am willing to give this one a try.
  • Plain Bad Heroines is another title that caught my eye. It sounds spooky and gothic so another good October read.
  • You Were Never Here also sounds pretty scary and I really like that cover.
  • Kingdom of the Wicked is a new series by Kerri Maniscalco, who wrote Stalking Jack The Ripper which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately the series went downhill for me, but I am willing to give the author another chance.

Books I read that soon you will be able to read too!

  • I actually can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. My favorite of the year so far.
  • The Searcher was a great murder mystery set in Ireland. Loved the atmospheric writing and the story.
  • Attack Surface is the third book in the Little Brother series and was a lot of fun to read. My review will be up next week.
  • Black Sun is a new one based on Aztec mythology. I have just started this one, but will have it done before its publication date. So far it is good.

I hope you found something that interests you in that list, and maybe even something that you hadn’t heard about yet.

What book are you most looking forward to reading in October?


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