Four For Friday

This is a new weekly meme being hosted by Ashlee over on Books Are 42. Basically there will be a theme for each week and you choose four books to fit that theme. The books can be books you’ve read, books coming out soon, books on your TBR, or a mix of all of the above!

This Week’s Theme Is: Pastel Covers!

I knew going into this one that it would be hard. Even though I like pastel colors, I don’t seem to be drawn to them when it comes it book covers. I tend to notice the bright and shiny ones! But I did manage to finally find four although I’m not sure that they will meet everyone’s definition of pastel.

The Other Side of the Sky was a very cool mix of science fiction and fantasy. The next book is coming out at the beginning of 2022 and I am very much looking forward to that.

Well Met is such a fun and cute romance centered around a Renaissance Fair. I loved this one and the sequel and I am looking forward to the third one coming out in the fall.

The Hanging Tree is the sixth book in the Rivers of London series and except for that blotch of red in the center a very pretty and pastel cover! I love this series, it is such a fun mixture of fantasy and police procedural and hilarious too!

The Princess and the Fangirl is the second of a short series that centers around a fans of a fictional series of books and tv show. These books are also retellings of fairy tales. The first book, Geekerella is my favorite retelling of Cinderella. This one was fun too.

Well I hope you enjoyed this week’s theme! Next week is books with water on their covers! I think it will be an easy one, but we shall see!

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