Four For Friday

This is a new weekly meme being hosted by Ashlee over on Books Are 42. Basically there will be a theme for each week and you choose four books to fit that theme. The books can be books you’ve read, books coming out soon, books on your TBR, or a mix of all of the above!

This week’s Topic: Three Word Titles

I thought this week’s topic would be hard but it actually wasn’t. The main issue was deciding whether or not to include leading articles such as ‘the’ or ‘an’. But I just decided I didn’t care and any word was going to count. Then I decided that I would only use books that were coming out in the next half of the year, which I thought would add a nice touch to the list.

Play of Shadows release date seems to be a bit of a mystery, even to the author! His website doesn’t list a date and all of the links to oder don’t work. Well, Goodreads says it is September 2021, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

All These Bodies cover is so creepy when you really look at it! I hadn’t noticed the handprints until I saw the large version here. I managed to score an ARC and will be reading this one soon!

The Last Graduate is a book I am really looking forward to reading. I loved the first book, A Deadly Education, and can’t wait to get back to see what happens. I will be doing a reread of the first book soon as I will need to refresh my memory of this rather complex world.

Trailer Park Trickster is the sequel to another book that I really enjoyed last year, White Trash Warlock. I am looking forward to spending more time with Adam and all of his friends.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Four for Friday. Next week’s topic is historical fiction.


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