Four For Friday

This is a new weekly meme being hosted by Ashlee over on Books Are 42. Basically there will be a theme for each week and you choose four books to fit that theme. The books can be books you’ve read, books coming out soon, books on your TBR, or a mix of all of the above!

This week’s theme is: Transportation

I thought this one would be easy, but apparently I am not drawn to books with any kind of transportation on the cover! Except for dragons, but I didn’t think that fit the prompt, so decided to save it for another day. But I did finally settle on one that I think is pretty cute, although maybe not transportation in the normal sense of the word. But I could only come up with three, so one is slightly off.

Apparently I have a thing for books about food trucks! Not strictly transportation, but hey, it takes food from one location to another. I could only find three though, although I do have more books about food trucks, they don’t feature them on the cover. I figured just truck would complete the set.

Donuts and Other Proclamations of Love is still a favorite of mine from this year, and I am glad to have another chance to talk about it. It is such a quiet and sweet book and I just love it!

Geekerella is my favorite Cinderella retelling! I loved the characters and the setting of a fan con is perfect. Loved the sweet romance too.

I have not read Death on Eat Street, which is the first in a series of books, but I think it could find its way onto my reading shelf soon. Love the cat on the cover.

Trail of Lightning is still one of my favorite all time covers. I really hope we get a third book in this series soon.

This was a fun prompt! Next week is book by multiple authors which will be a fun one too. Until then, have a great reading week!

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