My March 2022 TBR

Yeah! Its March! Spring is one of my favorite seasons here in the Pacific Northwest and except for this last week of freezing cold, we have already started seeing signs of Spring, which always makes me happy. We have had a pretty wet and cold winter this year, so I am totally done with it. So even though it is not officially spring yet, I have decided to change over my blog graphics from winter to spring.

I am also hoping that my reading will get better this spring. The last couple of months have been a bit disappointing reading wise. Not as many really good books yet. But I am forever hopeful. So, let’s take a look at what books I am planning on reading in March.

ARC’s I will be reading

I have really been struggling lately with finding ARCs that interest me on NetGalley. So I only have two ARCs for April lined up. May is looking pretty busy though so I will be getting a head start on those this month.

Fevered Star is a book that I have been looking forward to for awhile. I am glad I reread Black Sun this month. I think it will be good to have all of the characters and the plot fresh in my mind before tackling this one.

Pay Dirt Road is the other April ARC I need to read in March. It gave me all sorts of good vibes from the description, so I am hoping it will live up to my expectations.

Bad Actors is the next book in the Slough House series. This is a series that I have really been enjoying and I can’t wait to read this one.

Holly Black is one of my favorite authors, whose books I always look forward to . Book of Night sounds a bit like her Curse Workers series, which I adored.

What else might I read?

This is always a hard question for me. I have been a bit moody with my reading lately, which hasn’t helped. But three of these are library books and one of them is from my TBR stack, so I think it is safe to say these will get read this month.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet is a book I have been wanting to read since last fall when it first came out. I love the whole idea of it and I love that it is set on the Channel Islands.

I tried really hard to get an ARC for League of Liars but I had no luck. Fortunately it had a short wait list at the library so I was able to get it right after it came out.

Timekeeper is a book I purchased a couple of years ago, but never got around to reading. I have about 10 books that I own that are unread that I am trying to get through this year. This is the one I picked for this month.

I still have a bit of a wait for the audiobook of Ghost Story, but I am getting tired of waiting. I just might have to get either the e-book or the physical one before my hold comes through.

I do usually read more than eight books, but I don’t like to commit myself to listing all of the books I might read this month. That way I am not disappointed when I can’t get to them all. It also gives me leeway to read what I am in the mood for. I am pretty excited about these eight books though.

What are you planning on reading in March?


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