My September 2022 TBR

Well another month has come and gone, and it was a good one for reading! I had a very relaxed month for the most part and a great trip to Alaska! Alas, my TBR for the month of August fell a bit short. I only managed to read 6 out of the 8 books I had planned to read. But in my defense two of those books came out at the end of the month and I just didn’t have enough time to squeeze them in.

But now it is time to look ahead and choose some books to read in September. This is usually one of my slower reading months as I am very busy starting a new school year. But I am hopeful that I will at least get my eight books on this TBR done.

ARC’s I need to read this month

Dead Man’s Hand is a debut by the son of a favorite author. I am betting his work will be as good as his dad’s. It is an urban fantasy, which is a genre I usually enjoy.

Poster Girl is by Veronica Roth who I usually enjoy reading. This one sound pretty dark though.

DeadBeat Druid is the third installment in the Adam Binder series and I am really looking forward to this one. I think it’s the last one in the series, but I’m not really sure. I think I might need to reread the other two first.

Sign Here is another debut, but I just loved that cover and it sounded pretty good so decided to take a chance on it.

What else am I planning on reading?

Of course this is all dependent on my mood, and I am at the mercy of the library fairies for a couple of them, but I hope to read these four books this month.

The Murder of Mr. Wickham is a book I have had my eye on for a few months. I really like the author and I am always up for a Jane Austen retelling.

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy is one of the books that I was hoping to read in August, but it just didn’t happen. I should be getting it soon from the library though.

This is What Happened is a book I just bought recently. I didn’t realize that Mick Herron wrote a whole bunch of books before his Slough House series. I am looking forward to reading this one.

Stain is one of those books that I have owned forever and was on my list to read this year. I had set a goal way back in January to read 11 books that have been collecting dust forever on my shelves. So far I have only read 5 of them, so I am way behind. I always enjoy this author’s books, so I am not sure why I keep putting this one off.

Well this is the reading plan I have for this month. Hopefully I will get to all of these books and some more. I am still a bit behind on my Goodreads Goal (3 books) but I hope to make up for that a bit this month.

Happy Reading!

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