WWW Wednesday

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finished reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

My apologies for posting this late today. I was so busy reading and listening yesterday that I forgot that I hadn’t finished this post! But it was a good thing I didn’t as I finished two more books yesterday, which brought my weekly total up to five! And I am just five books away from finishing my GoodReads goal. I’m thinking that won’t be too hard to do right now. We got a few inches of snow the last couple of days, which of course around here means the town basically shuts down. People in the Seattle area just can’t handle snow in the lowlands, or the passes for that matter. So I have been cosy and warm in my house for the past couple of days until the snow melts. Which is fine by me as I have plenty of books to read.

What am I currently reading?

Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone is my current ARC. I just started it this morning and haven’t gotten very far, but I am already intrigued and can’t wait to get back to it.

Charm is delightful and really hard to put down. Even though it is over 500 pages I think it will go pretty quickly. I love that we are getting both Grace’s and Hudson’s points of view in this one.

In Every Generation is the next audiobook that I will be starting today. I do like the author but the narrator is new to me. Hopefully she does a good job.

What have I recently finished reading?

Down Cemetery Road was a really good read. It had a great main character and lots of interesting secondary ones.

The Kiss Curse was a lot of fun. I loved Wells and Gwyn’s romance. The story was well done although it was wrapped up a little too quickly.

The God of Lost Words was a really good ending to this trilogy. I enjoyed spending time with the characters and the ideas that were presented in these books.

Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries was a really enjoyable read. Lots of fun characters and a really interesting story. I will have my review up next week.

Unwind was a really powerful book that has my mind reeling from some of the issues that are brought up. I will continue the series but need a bit of a break before continuing.

What will I read next?

Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun is the final ARC I need to read this month. It comes out at the end of January. I am really looking forward to reading this third book in this funny mystery series.

Belladonna will hopefully be my next read. I have been putting it off a bit, but it needs to go back to the library soon, so I need to get it read.

I was really hoping to pick up the next Unwind book, but alas they don’t have the audiobook available at my library. So I looked through my TBR and found These Broken Stars was available. I have enjoyed the other books by this writing duo and am expecting that this one will be just as good.

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone and Happy Reading!

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