Audio Friday

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby performed by Dan Bittner

I will admit that I started this book about a month ago, and just wasn’t able to get into it. The wrong book at the wrong time.  I picked it up again last week, and just couldn’t put it down this time. The story is what I like to call realistic fantasy, it starts out and maintains

Lura Ruby

many realistic story lines, but there is one story line that is complete fantasy.  The story is about a missing girl, Rosa, and one boy’s determination to find her no matter what. Most people believe Rosa just up and left, but Finn knows she was kidnapped by a man whose face he can’t remember.  As Finn and his older brother struggle with another loss in their life, Finn knows he can find Rosa and return her to Bone Gap.  Dan Bittner does a wonderful job with the narration, he manages to capture the different narrators personalities with his voice, and he can make the story move from something everyday to a haunting tale and back again.  This book turned out to be something quite different from what I thought it could be, something magical and wonderful. Winner of the 2016 Michale L. Printz awward for excellence in Young adult Literature.

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