Mishmash Monday


Harry Potter

I’m trying to make myself write more, so to that effort I’m going to pick topics for the days of the week and try to come up with something each day.  So, Mondays will be mishmash days, just whatever I want to talk about that day or a quote or something bookish that I have seen recently.

This week I want to talk about the new ‘Harry Potter’ book, and why I won’t be reading it.  Now, first off you need to know that I am a huge fan of the books.  I have read and discussed them many times.  I went to the fan sites and read the essays and what not, while waiting not so patiently for the next books.  I would say Harry is the reason I started reading more YA than adults books, but that is a topic for another day.  So why have I chosen to not read this new book?  Here are the reasons:

1.It is a play!  I’ve read plays before mainly classics such as Shakespeare and Chekhov, and I must say I never really enjoyed them.  I much rather see and experience a play.

2. It was not written by J.K.!  I know she wrote the story behind it, but the actual words are not hers. The news stories claim that she was involved with the whole process, but seriously, why didn’t she just write it then.

3. I was happy with the way the series ended! I really didn’t need to have more.  Now I am ok with authors revisiting worlds that they have created and creating new characters and stories for them, but I don’t think I am ready to read about Harry and Ginny’s and the rest of the gangs kids.  What I really would like is stories about the Marauders when they were at school. I read one that she wrote for a charity about James and Sirius a few years ago, and just loved it.  It wasn’t very long, but it left me wanting more.

4. And finally, I just feel recently that Scholastic is trying really hard to keep the Harry train going.  They have in the last couple of years, republished the paperbacks with new covers, published an illustrated Sorcerer’s Stone (which I loved and own and hoping for the other books to be done too) and now this.  Enough is enough.  Harry will never go away, kids will always want to read them.  They are that good.

I would like to make a plug for the audiobooks.  They are one of my favorites and I usually listen to them at least once a year.  Jim Dale is an awesome narrator and I can listen to him all day and never get tired of it.  If you have not yet read the books, the audio version is the way to go.

So those are my reasons.  What about you?  Leave a comment.


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