Sunday Confessions

Currently Reading

Oh my, where does the time go.  I only got two of the books done this week that I thought I would.  I finished Geekerella and Time stoppers.  I’m close to finishing Vassa in the Night, that one is taking longer than expected considering how short it is.  I think because it is slightly weird, but so well written that I’m struggling with it a little bit. Heartless also took a really long time.  I’m just finding that I have less time to listen to an audio book than I used to. I finally finished it today, so I can safely say that I will start a new audiobook this week. So this is what I plan to read this week:

The Falconer: Kind of a funny story with this one.  I saw the ARC on Netgalley for The Fallen Kingdom and almost requested it until I saw that it was the 3rd in this series.  I really didn’t want to add another series to my endless TBR list, so I passed it by.  Then almost the next day a reading buddy of mine, whose taste in books is almost identical, asked me If I had read The Falconer, and then preceded to tell me how awesome it was! So, here I am starting the series, and looking forward to it.  I have all three books lined up to read in the next two weeks.

Toward a Secret Sky: I have had this one on my Netgalley for a long time and am getting to it.  It comes out April 4th and sounds very promising.

Unnatural Deeds:  Yes, this week I am really starting it and will hopefully finish it.  It is only 8 hours long so crossing my fingers that I will find the time.

Zenn Diagram:  This one comes out April 4th as well and I’m going to try to squeeze it in before then.

Book Reviews

Here is the plan for the week:

Monday:  Geekerella was a really fun read.

Tween Tuesday: The Fearleass Traveler’s Guided to Wicked Places has been an interesting read so far. Lots of spooky and scary moments. Parts of it take place in the dreamworld which this author has an interesting take on.

Wednesday: Carve the Mark has had some controversies around it, but I really liked it!

Thursday: Vassa in the Night, keep your fingers crossed that I get it finished in time!

Audio Friday: Heartless was absolutely perfect! And Rebecca Soler did a fantastic job as reader!

So I am dying to know if any of you have read The Falconer series and what you think of it.  Let me know in the comments!

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