Sunday Confessions

Bookish Thought (1)

So, I had a seriously busy week and didn’t get hardly anything read.  So this will be a slow week for blog posts.  The start of my work week will be busy as well, but things should settle back down to normal after that.

In book news, you have probably already heard that Taherah Mafi is continuing the Shatter Me series with three new books.  The first will be released in March of 2018.  I liked this series so I am looking forward to the new books.  You can read more about the new series on Epic Reads or on Entertainment Weekly’s website.  It sounds pretty good, we will be getting both Juliette’s and Warner’s points of view which will make it more interesting I think.  I hope the new covers reflect the old series style.  I just loved those eyes!

I also found out that Amy Plum the author of the Die For Me series has a new book coming out this week.  I loved her Die For Me series and this one sounds awesome as well. It is called Dreamfall and I read  most of the first few pages on Epic Reads and they were very intriguing. Can’t wait to read it!

Also have any of you been watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu?  It is based on Margaret Atwood’s book which I read like a gazillion years ago.  They seem to be staying pretty true to the book from what I can remember.  Even if you have not read the book, it is worth a watch, it is that good.

Down in Portland, OR there is a huge bookstore named Powell’s City of Books.  It is a huge place and if you ever find yourself in Portland it is a must stop.  They also have an online store, but the brick and mortar store is something to see.  One of my favorite things from them though is this Compendium of Readerly terms such as:


I think they are up to about 44 words like this and anyone can add to it.  It is a lot of fun to read through.  You can find them here on their website.  Some are quite amusing such as this one:


Currently Reading

So as I said I didn’t get much read this week, really only one book, although I am almost done with The Thousandth Floor and should finish it today.

I started King’s Cage last week but didn’t get very far.  It’s good, so far, I was just too tired to read this kind of book this week.  I will need to hurry up though, I borrowed it from the library and it is due back on May 7th and there is something like 175 people on the wait list.  The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart should be a pretty quick read and I hope to read Waste of Space, but I’m having issues getting it to open on my ipad.  Both of these are from Netgalley and are due out soon.  My audio book is Killer Instinct, which is a psychological thriller.  I’m really into these kind of books lately so I hope this is a good one. Plus it is fairly short, only 5 hours and 23 minutes.

Book Reviews

I’m not going to Blog much this week.  I’m going to use the time to catch up on my reading and listening.


I will just be doing these two books.  Time Stoppers will be on Tuesday and The Thousandth Floor will be Friday’s audio post.  If I find the time I will do another post about book covers with girls in gowns on them, Amy Plum’s Die for Me series will be the inspiration for this post. Look for it probably on Thursday.

That is all of my confessions for the week.  Any suggestions for my Girls with Gowns post?




  1. Haven’t quite decided if I’ll continue Shatter Me series. I enjoyed them but didn’t *love* them and have kinda forgotten a lot already. But I liked Warner’s POV, so I’ll prob continue for that reason. Love those words and definitions lol. Have a great week!


    1. It has been awhile for me too, but I remember really liking them. I don’t remember liking Warner all that much, but it will be interesting to see the story from his POV.


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