Cover Me Up

All dressed up and no place to go, just look wistfully off into the distance.  Seriously though, I actually prefer when I can’t see the models faces, it lets me imagine the character in my head better.


If there must be a model on the cover than having her, or him, but usually her, looking off into the distance and not into the camera is the way to go.   I really like all of these covers.  They are definitely what made me want to pick up the book and read it in the first place. Also what is it with the gowns?  In some of the books it makes sense, but a couple of them I don’t think the characters ever wore gowns.  Well it looks good anyways.  I have read all but one of these books and I recommend all of them.

The Heart of Betrayal: This is the second book in the Remnant Chronicles.  Good adventure story of a captured princess, with some romance thrown in too.

Die For Me: I absolutely loved this book, not so much the rest of the series, it got a little weird, but still a good read.  Set in Paris, with revenants, aka good looking zombies.  This is also one of my favorite covers, red and black and Paris in the background.  Perfect.

Roar:  This is the one I haven’t read yet, but I love the cover!

The Thousandth Floor: This is the cover for the paperback edition.  I almost like it better than the original cover, although I might not of realized it was science fiction from this cover.

The Hunt: This is the second in this series.  The first book also has her in a dress looking off into the distance, but I like this one better because of the scope lines from a gun on her.  It gives it a more creepy feel.

Ash and Bramble: This cover screams fairy tale retell, which is what I like about it.  Not sure I would be running in those shoes though.

Sanctuary Bay: This cover does an excellent job of setting the tone of this book, creepy and sinister.  She does look cold and alone though, so you can’t help but feel sorry for her.

And finally one more cover.  I haven’t read this one yet and it was just slightly different enough that I didn’t want to include it with the others.


That cover just gives me shivers.  Those people hanging from wires almost looking dead.  Very powerful, especially with that title.

Well what do you think?  Do you like seeing models faces on the covers, or wistfully looking off into the distance?  Or do you prefer something else?  Leave a comment.


  1. I agree, I don’t like seeing faces unless it’s illustrated and therefore specifically made to look like the character. It’s even more annoying when the same model ends up being on a whole bunch of different book/series covers because then I feel like I’m imagining the same character in multiple books.


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