So Many Powers. So Few Heroes.

Nexus (Zeroes #3) by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti

Publication Date: February 13, 2018 (US)

Summary from NetGalley:

NexusThe Zeroes are in disarray.
One of them has vanished into thin air.
One of them is in prison.
The rest of them are on the most-wanted list.
And something big is brewing.

After defeating Swarm in a breath-taking stand-off, Nate has been arrested for his murder. In prison and isolated, he can’t use his powers of influence at all. Flicker, Chizara, Kelsie and Ethan are on the run and in hiding from the FBI who believe the Cambria Five are domestic terrorists. And Agent Phan and the FBI have a secret weapon up their sleeve – a teenager with a superpower that the Zeroes haven’t encountered yet.

Meanwhile, Sonia Sonic and her growing band of weird-hunters are tracking inexplicable events across the country – and their investigations lead them to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, where the celebrating crowds promise enormous power to anyone who can channel it. Time is running out for the Zeroes, but they must learn to trust each other again and combine their powers for good – to avert the looming disaster.


ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

Wow, what a perfect ending for an exciting series.  It has been a pleasure to spend time with the Zeroes and all of their faults and insecurities.  This is a totally different take on the kids with super powers storyline. Yes, these kids have powers, but they are not the usual kind of powers, they are all based in the connections we have to each other, our emotions and technology and all of the social dilemmas that brings.  This series has been more about society and it’s difficulties with morality and what is right.  This is more evident in this last book then in the other two.  All of the kids have a tremendous growth in this last book, mostly for the better although there are moments when I was worried about a few of them.

None of these kids are heroes, although they try to do what is right, they mostly struggle with learning how to control and understand their powers and come to terms with them.  This is most evident in this final book as they meet other kids with powers similar to theirs.  But unlike our Zeroes, these kids want to destroy the world and rebuild it into something that would benefit them.  It is interesting to see the Zeroes meet others like them, and to learn that their powers have two sides, the one that they currently use, but also the opposite. Chizara (aka Crash) who can crash technology, but also fix it, knew this in the first book, but the others did not.  She does finds out a new horrifying aspect of her power in this book, which she comes to terms with.  We meet some kids with some interesting new powers, most of them are the opposite of the Zeroes, but none of the new kids are quite like them in their understanding of what is right. 

Throughout all three books the authors focused on the downside of having powers, instead of making everyone a hero that comes to save the day, they often make mistakes and sometimes things go wrong for them.  At times the Zeroes do not get along which causes issues among them and they don’t often tell each other what they are up to.  But when it counts they do work together and some how make it all work.

I loved all of the characters, but I most related to Thibault, whose power was to be anonymous.  He could make people not see him, or forget him.  He really struggles with staying with others especially in crowds.  I am sure there are times where we have all felt invisible in a crowd, so it was easy to get inside his head.  I also like Nate, even though he struggles with his time in prison and what it did to him to be away from crowds.  I really felt that all of the powers were realistic, whose has not felt the power of a crowd and how one or two people can make or break that crowd.  I also liked the fact that although there were some couples with in the group  and  then one love interest outside of the group, the romance was kept to a minimum.  Actually I wouldn’t even call it romance in the usual YA way.  It was very realistic in how it plays out and I appreciated that it never got in the way of the plot. 

I must say that the writing is absolutely consistent and amazing through out the books.  You would never think that there are three people writing these books.  I understand that they each wrote two character’s story lines, but the styles of writing are consistent and not jarring at all, as I have sometimes encountered when more than one author writes a book.  

The finale is mind blowing and not what I expected.  It has left the door open to spin off series which is great.  I would love to revisit this world and the next generation of Zeroes.  I want to reread this series from the beginning, now that it is complete. Especially as it takes place over a short few months of time, it will be interesting to read it all together.  



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